Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 33

The party goes through the shaft of light to follow Harish and find themselves on the top of the pyramid. Some of us tumble down part way before other party member catch up with them.

We group in the air and head back to Wati trying to find Harish. The hoard of flying skeleton undead move back to pyramid and fly inside.

We find Harish trudging back and Cassandra and Nefara get the wagons and pick us up and we head back. It takes us about 2 hours total (from the time we originally entered the pyramid).

Harish identifies the gear we found and then scouts in his robot into the undead choked entrance of the pyramid.

Harish sets the serpentine passage as follows:

Upper Front Jaw
Lower Jaw – Currently in place
Upper Back Jaw

The undead fly down the corridor past him. After about 15 minutes, the cloud of undead outside thins out as they were able to move inside.

We regroup as a party and head into the pyramid and into the serpentine path.

There is a an arch with a door to the right and one to the left. East is an arch with an area with a cascade of stars above and the ground below—-in a night time sky (it’s day currently).

We head through the norther door to a round room has a stone bier (black stone) there is a sealed sarcophagus. There are hieroglyphics on the base of the sarcophagus. On the ceiling, there are 4 10 ft wide shafts angled off into the pyramid.

“Here begins my sojourn to Anubis as I serve in eternity.” It’s repeating over.

After some testing, we determine the floor is a mechanism (not necessarily a trap). The floor (1 foot thick) goes ethereal if a creature touches it. Harish walks out (with air walk) and touches the sarcophagus and takes some negative energy damage.

He checks out below the floor level and 60 ft down to the surface of the bubbling blackness. Every so often, a coin or a ring floats up and through the wall to the south.

Possibly unseen servants. Harish is attacked by a Black Pudding.


  • 1 x Advanced Black Pudding (CR 8)

There are two 5 ft shafts that lead away from there – bones go one way – items go the other. We go and find a pile of loot. We find a secret door leaving the sorted loot room.

Through the secret door there are statue.. Cassandra recognizes the sigil of the ancient Osirian merchant family Sek Patris. They were rivals of Isatemkhebet. We return to the ‘sorting room of doom’ and go to the south.

We then head back and through the archway. Above it in hieroglpyhics – “Those that serve him, have nothing to fear”

A hundred feet further, we go through another arch.

To the east, down a corridor is a statue of a man dressed in the raiment of a ruling pharaoh. The feet of the statue hover above a stone disk with a cartouche.

As Cassandra moves to the statue and sees the cartouche and it is for Akotep, the Sky Pharaoh.

As Nefara moves up a bit, a magic mouth says something to us and we are affected by some magic, but most of us shrug if off. Underneath the statue are two rods.

Beside the statue are is a door with a vast chamber with a bunch of plain sarcophagus (5000). In the middle was a black pyrmaid. It appears to be the source of the necromantic force for the undead army. Cassandra breaks it and destroys.

In other rooms, there is an armory for the undead created.

We return to the serpentine path and shift it to the last position.

First room we come to is a Ophasu – looks like it is decorated like a shore scene. There is a 30 ft. It is not magical and is in poor condition. Beltan casts greater make whole – worth 2000 gp to a collector.

Inside it, we find a box. (12 in x 6 in x 6 in) – Dune Boat

Another chamber is probably where the mummified Gorgon came from. Filled with statues from the Gorgon’s attacks.

We have finished with the pyramid and head to Wati.

Beltan and Cassandra talk to the crowds. “The immediate threat has been dealt with. We will go on to defeat to source of the flying pyramid.”

They talk with the High Priest of Pharasma and High Priest of Abadar and the Governor of Wati.

Cassandra had pulled together a map of the

Day 35 – Sell loot in Capital

PARTY SPLIT: 25064 gp each

It will take 4 days if we travel at night to get the slave trenches.

Day 36 to Day 44 – Travel to the Slave Trenches

Day Watch – Cassandra, Wu, Char
Night Watch – Beltan, Nefara, Harish

The other 22 pyramids are controlled from the central pyramid.

Three steps to draw down Hakotep’s pyramid from the sky above:

1) Awaken the magic of the slave trenches:

Each of the sacred sphere are associated with ancient osirian gods –
Horus – Ptah – Isis – Ra – Khepri – Osiris – Sobek – Mat – Sekhmet – Thoth – Set

2) Focus the sacred spheres in the /correct/ order upon the pyramid.

3) Use the Pharaoph’s key to activated the Sun Disk to bring down Hakotep’s Tomb.

Day 44 – Evening – Slave Trenches of Hakotep

We approach fro the east.

The trenches vary is depth but with an average of 30 feet and 50 feet wide.

Each trench has a row of obelisks along it. Some are worn down.

Some of the obelisks have a low buzzing sound that suffuses the area with a low hum. (white circles)

(black square) – 11 secred pheres.

To the south west is a camp site with large tents. Animal Hide – large creature tents. Circling around we spot 2 large humanoids. Cassandra doesn’t think they are desert giants. There are a lot of monstrous spiders crawling around the camp. Maybe they are Ash Giants?

When we close to about 120 feet – they start throwing rocks.


  • 4 x Ashe Giant

During the early stages of the fight, Cassandra offers them food to not fight us and using the Rod of Splendor to create the tent with food.

From the mountains to the south – been traveling 6 months. Their shaman had been having a repeated dream of finding an area of bone and trenches and would have vast wealth.

There had been 6 when the arrived. – 2 have died from a giant bird. Every night, a giant bird had risen up from the trenches and attacked them. They have lost 2 of them. The giant bird seems to be a Roc (gargantuan) and glows green. They have not seen it during the day. Seems it might sleep during the day. It comes from near the middle of the complex.

During the day, but not daily – another winged creature (huge in size) – sphinx or griffin. They identify it’s location as E.

At some hills (NW side) there is a cave there – they had encountered a serpent there – made from the shed skins of other serpents and accompanied by skeletons. It did some spell casting that caused one of the giants to shrivel up and die (Horrid Wilting)

Cassandra convinces them that were were the subjects of the shaman’s dreams and gives them 1000 gp each (4 giants). They have money and want a home…perhaps the cave where the snake is.

We head around the complex (8 miles) to get the cavern. While we are circling we spot the green glowing Roc above the the complex.


  • 1 x Hollow Serpent (Undead) (CR16)
  • ??? x Skeletons

We give the cave as a home to the giants.


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