Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 32

The fight in the entrance corridor continues.

After we dispatched the six mummied harpies, we looted their corpses and Cassandra found a hidden map behind the wall at the T junction from the entrance. It indicates ‘death’ on the northern path.


  • 6 x Mummy Harpy’s (CR9)
  • 1 x Trapped corridor (CR10)

On the northern path, there is a room off the west that has a statue of the general (maybe) the room has some magic in it that makes you feel like an adoring soldier, but you can shake it off. Seijen Wu destroys the statue.

We explore the ‘safe’ route and find that the door is trapped to drop the corridor floor out…so the map lies.

The northern path has a large snake mouth carving that is missing 3 teeth…maybe these magic key fangs work on it.

Upper Front Jaw
Lower Jaw
Upper Back Jaw – Currently in place

We come to a room with four doors (we come in from the west). We are checking of traps along the way.

We open the northern door first. Octagonal shaped Room with a 10 ft pyramid in the middle. There is a 5 pointed star symbol on it. Symbol of General Isatemkhebet.

The pyramid is magic – the walls are magic.

After a few minutes of study, it turns out this is tied to the Aeromantic Infandibulum – the source of power to make the pyramid fly.

This is but one of several pyramids. If we destroy the walls, it would remove control of the direction…Hareesh believes it will cause it to immediately fall from the sky. Okay to do that if the pyramid isn’t directly over the city.

We head back and south.

South to east facing doors and into the room. The 60 ft by 20 ft room.Southern has some hieroglyphics on it except the last 20 ft of it.

the first 40 ft is a conversation back and forth between Hakotep and Isatemkhebet.

1) Hakotep initial contact to Isatemkhebet – plans to reclaim throne
2) Hakotep orders party to be captured by name
3) Haktoep orders Isatemkhebet to recover his funeary mask
4) Hakotep notifies Isatemkhebet that 22 other tombs of generals are being prepared
5) Hakotep promises Isatemkhebet to be made commander if she succeeds

Cassandra sends message: The interlopers have been killed and the mask recovered.

Hakotep replies – raze the city and return to me.

We go east and then north. Big room.

Sarcophagus of white marble in the middle of the room. North and south sides of the rooms have fountains and pools of water..

Standing there is a female undead form – General Isatemkhebet. “You…” and enters into combat.


  • 1 x Isatemkhebet (Mummy General)
  • 2 x Mummified Harpies
  • 1 x Elder Water Elemental
  • 1 x Mummified Gorgon

As Isatemkhebet General dies, we find the building is starting to list to one side. Cassandra climbs into the sarcophagus trying to find controls. (She get’s a harm affect).

Hareesh and his mecha go into a shaft of light and disappear.

Char puts on the general’s necklace and gets a sense of the pyramid…250 ft above ground and tries to control it and does so.

Char moves the pyramid over an clear area to try to land it there. A presence tries to overwhelm him, but he shakes it off.


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