Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 29

At the beginning of the fight, the spirit fused cultist had some things to say to us. When she died a winged heart (Ib), fled the area.

Cassandra’s mask has the Ka part of the spirit.

Winged Lion people (Malfet’s) had told us about this Sightless Sphinx complex – Usureb – rash youth that led some youth into the and were overcome of an evil.

After we take stock (loot the area) and heal up before going to the double doors headed towards the back of the sphinx’s head.

Beyond the double doors is an elegant bedroom. The bed has a mural of a flying pyramid. Super elegant 20 × 20 ft bed.

There is a single door leaving the room. No traps. Another large room. It was cleared out for a sarcophagus. Jessesek – the architect.

Nefara casts commune with dead.

1) Where is the tomb of the Sky Pharaoh – Hakotep located at?
Hakotep’s pyramid was his pride and joy and incorporated features of the 8th Planet tech Aermantic Infandibulum. His favorite guards were to use the Khepsutanem to send his pyramid into the sky. In the week after his death, the Hakuman (guards) the slaughtered his greatest generals and entombed them with him.
2) what order do we use the sacred spheres?
Each of the sacred sphere are associated with ancient osirian gods –
Horus – Ptah – Isis – Ra – Khepri – Osiris – Sobek – Mat – Sekhmet – Thoth – Set
Activate in sphere with holy water
The Sun Disk can then used to call down the pyramid.
3) What is the Sun Disk?
50 ft diamater of grey basalt of the main circular plaza adorned with hieroglpyhics – when you use the pharaophs key on the central stone of the Sun Disk it calls back the pyramid.
4) What is the pharaoph’s key?
We receive descriptions of a phraophs key.
5) Where to find the pharaoph’s key?
He does not know it’s exact location. But it should lie with the complex of Akhumemnet.

Reference Session 25 for other questions: Session 25

We then head down to the barricaded door (vs the wall of stone area) to explore and find the other mad cultists group of Meftets.

Cassandra directs her Scorpion Men minions to get the sarcophagus

It takes us about 20 minutes to un-barricade the door. Dank haze in the room. Archway is 100 ft away, Room is 70 ft wise. Some hieroglyphics on the walls. Three sarcophagus on either side. The smokey gas is coming from the eyes of the sarphagus.

Belten believes the foul smelling smoke – indicates an extra planar creature called a Bodak.

Cassandra checks for traps as we slowly cross the room. As she moves across the room, a Bodek bursts from a sarophagus. A fight ensues.


  • 5 x Bodak
  • 2 x Cultist Maftets

Beyond the arch way, is another long room (100 ft x 50 ft) with tables and an alter in the center. There are 4 bodies of killed Forgotten Pharoaph.

Cassandra detects that they are undead of some sort.

Loots: 4 Mwk Scimitars, 2 silver unholy symbols (25 GP)


  • 4 x Mummys
  • 1 x Zombie Evil God Cultist High Priestess
  • 3 x Demon things

Loots: Scroll of blade barrier, + 2 breastplate, mwk hvy steel shield, rod of the viper, admantine and platinum unholy symbol 500 GP, Gold and Turquoise serpent headdress 2800 GP, leather sandals with gold chain wrappings 1000 GP.

*3 x Malfet Cultists (ran away)
*1 x Forgotten Pharaoh Oracle (CR 13)

Loots: 2 potions of invisibility, amulet of natural armor +1, belt of physical might +2 (DEX and CON), Cloak of Resistance +2, Headband of Alluring Cha +2, platinum bracelet 300 GP, Mask 25 gp, 75 gp coins.

Temple of Ashreshkagel

*4 x Advanced Spectres (CR 8)

Loots: +1 Greatsword, potions of displacement, fly, and rage. Bag of Holding II.

Holy Word Trap CR 8

Loots: Silver Box 250 gp, with 3 holy bots, scroll of raise dead, wand of cure mod 20 charges, 6 holy water flasks.

Befriended 1 Paladin Ghost CR 12



  • 2 x Elder Mud Elementals CR 11



  • 3 x Vrock CR 9

OLD XP: 18940

Loot from Vrock Armory Room in Loot list


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