Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 31

We enter a large chamber where they far side is in darkness – and we’re hit by a symbol of pain and then something casts holy blight on us and a fight breaks out.


  • 1 x Terrifying Sphinx

Huge pedestals with stuff on them. We loot the room and we have finished with the Sightless Sphinx location.

Cassandra directs her Scorpion mercenaries to go to the tomb to meet us there.

Plan of action –
1 – Inform Maftet of cleansing of Sightless sphinx (2 days)
2 – Bring Chisisek’s body back to his tomb
3 – Return larvae to bee people

Traveling time to Maftet’s and on the second day of travel. Come to camp site.

Gypsy’s with camels. They have some things to sell and will buy, but at poor prices. We spend the night with them. some the party…parties down.

The camp is attached by several bullettes over night..


  • 4 x Bullettes (CR8)

The gypsy leader grants us a Eye of Horus.

We return to the Maftet and give them the news that the Sightless Sphinx.

Heading to Chisisek’s tomb next. (7 days in total from leaving Sightless Sphinx).

She recaps some information for us about using the Mask to defeat him once he’s down.

The Scorpion Merc’s accompany us.

We spend the night and then head to the bee people hive.

It takes about a day to get there and we offer up the three royal larvae.

From there it is 9 days to nearest large city. (City with biggest Library). – “Tehpu”

We arrive and look for an Inn to stay at. – The Green Sphinx.

While there, Cassandra and a few party members teleport “Sorthis” (the capital) for her to sell our loot and buy anything needed then return to Tehpu. It takes 2 days to sell.

Party Split – 9971

Returning to Tephu Cassandra works on crafting while the rest of the party does some research. (it will be 50 gp per person per day to do research).

Day 19 from leaving the tomb.

Downtime (Target 2 months) – Seijen Wu

  • Research (Khepsutanem → Slave Trenches)
  • Earn Influence – (30 gp 1 day) for 2 Influence
  • Influential Research (1 day and 1 influence) – 3 knowledge checks with 5 bonus (50 gp for access)
  • Influential Research (1 day and 1 influence) – 3 knowledge checks with 5 bonus (50 gp for access)
  • Influential Research (1 day and 1 influence) – 3 knowledge checks with 5 bonus (50 gp for access)
  • 1 day off
  • 180 gp a week

Week 1 (Day 19 through Day 26)

  • 3 days of research to find good location for trench

Day 22 – Research completed

Day 28 – A count down clock dropped a symbol at the Library – Did Hakotep do something?

Day 29 – Leave overland with carts for Day

Day 31 – We are traveling along and something happens

We receive a sending from Ptemenib:

“Wati is under attack! A flying pyramid with beams of darkness and airborne undead demands we turn you over as sacrifice! Come quickly! Save us!”

We send back “We are on our way!”

Day 32 – Crafting would be done

Day 34 – Arrive at Wati

There a huge pyramid 500 ft above the city – 1000 ft at the base – the cartouche of Isatemkhebet one of Hakotep’s generals.

Here and there in the city – we spot flying figures harassing the city.

We aim the carts into the air at an entrance we see to the pyramid. When we are about 250 ft away – 2 blocks open up at the pyramid and start firing magic missiles at us.


  • 2 x Magic Missile Gun Ports Platforms

Char makes his way into the entrance and hears some beautiful music and is overcome with urges.

There is a hierogrphlic mural along the wall. Wu moves up to read it and a trap goes off.

Two fields push some of us towards the center of the corridor and then the corridor fills with acid fogs. Then arrows shoot our way.


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