Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 30

We head outside to camp and recover before finishing our exploration of the Sightless Sphinx.

We camp the night. Then we head back in past the dispelling alter. Buff up our long duration magics.

Two doors – east and west

West to the 4 way room. (West or South not investigated yet.) – We head South. We come to a 5 ft wide corridor – that opens into a large hallway – golden, warm light emanates . There are statues with pharaoph like headdresses. There are 23 statues – one for each of the god’s riddles. There are subtle things wrong with each statues. Two of them tip over.


  • 1 x Shadow Demons CR7
  • 2 x Maftet Cultist CR10

One Shadow Demon flees as we defeat the other combatants. It was an infuriating fight.

We continue along and come to large doors and a large room with a pile of cushions and a statue of Rashgagul (sphinx).


  • 1 X Black Winged Maftet
  • 2 x Cultist Maftet
  • 1 x Glabrezu – Jasmine

After a hefty fight, Char is dead and the Glabrezu has fled. Hareesh teleports with Cassandra back to Cassandra’s mom to get Char True Resurrected and then go on a shopping spree to sell loot and then split it.

Split – 29009

We spend two days doing this and then re-enter the Sightless Sphinx.

We come across an Insane Maftet quoting riddles. We kill him after he attacks.

We search for the hidden entrance to the hidden area. We find the enter into an area with a mummified crocodile and kill it.


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