Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 27

The third stage of this fight starts.

Over the course of the fight, Harish threw almost all the combatants into the pit. One of them did a runner and the Croc Headed boss killed Beltan before the fight was done. We quickly gathered loot and left with Beltan’s body to quickly head to our caravan and hide out in the desert.

The next morning Nefara raises Beltan from the dead. Hareesh teleports back to a metropolis with Cassrandra and sold the loot we had so far. We also do some shopping.

Loot Split: 23099 gp each

We each contributed 1000 gp out of that split to refill our diamond dust pot.

We camp again to get focused on combat and the next morning, we return to the pyramid. The area appears abandoned (maybe they are holed up inside).

We scout the outside. There was a guard post in some scaffolding at the rear. Empty.

We find 3 spell books in some tents.

We buff up 10 min/level and hour/level buffs and enter into the pyramid


whiter73 whiter73

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