Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 25

Hex 23 – Shrine of Sekhemet continued

We fight the Efreet back into the building and then down below. We end up having a one on one fight between a “halfling monk” (Shaitan Monk) and Seijen Wu. After being thrown into the stone wall, Seijen Wu breaks out and knocks the Shaitan Monk

The Efreet Female Leader says, “We concede defeat.” Cassandra parlays and the leader says “I will grant you a wish if you let us go.” Cassandra says, “I wish you to brink the body of Chisiske here to me.”

More conversation occurs. The Sarcophagus wooden is delivered on a stone bier. The coffins lid is carved. Within are the mummified remains of Chisisek. The Efreet and the Shaitan depart.

We search the rest of the complex. There is an arch with ancient osirian with a phrase to Sekhmet.

We find a section of floor stone shaped. We find a set of fine maps that Shows Obelisk, Temple of Sarenae, Shrine of Sekhment and the Garden of Symetry (2 hexes to the south).

Next Actions

  • Load the Chisisek’s Sarcophagus into Wagon
  • Interrogate Chisisek with Speak with Dead.
  • Return to Maftet to tell them the the Shrine of Sekhet is cleared and get the information on location of the “The Sightless Sphinx” location
  • Go deal with the cultists at the “The Sightless Sphinx” location
  • Explore Garden of Symetry
  • Return Chisisek to his tomb and Tetisureh

We head back towards the Maftet ruins. We spot a camp set up with blue pavilion. (Location G). South we spot a shape of a blue dragon (in the direction of the garden of symmetry).

We travel through the night – and the next morning – we are near the Ruins of Kher-ma where the Maftet are.

Nefara questions the corpse after we mem spellls and will have 5 questions.

1) Hareesh describes his dream and wants to know about the darkness descending?
When he was a young boy, there were clocks that counted down against that event. The previous pharoahs would prepare. The Sky Pharoh had Chisisek to built a weapon to use against Darkness, but was treacherous and used it to gain knowledge from the creatures from the 8th Planet.

The weapon was used and then was used for his tomb.

2) Where is the tomb of the Sky Pharaoh – Hakotep located at?
Hakotep’s pyramid was his pride and joy and incorporated features of the 8th Planet tech Aermantic Infandibulum. His favorite guards were to use the Khepsutanem to send his pyramid into the sky. In the week after his death, the guards slaughtered his greatest generals and entombed them with him.

3) How do we find the tomb?
It is warded against divination and observation and the sky currents are unknown. What was used to sent it up, can be used to call it back – “Kepsutanem” – by focusing the Kepsutanem sekred pheres upon the Aermantic Infadibulum to cause it return.

4) Where can we find the Kepsutanem?
The source of the skerred pheres is located at the northern side of the trenches of tekrmenet- (archaelogical site)

5) How do we use it?
Before the sekred pheres can be deactived, must awaken Kepsutanem. We must reach the northern part and awaken Kepsutsmne and use the sacred of order on the buttons.

We’ll next need to ask what the sacred order is.

The Sacred Trenches of Hakohep is 5 days away.

We return to the Maftet. Erayu (leader) tells us where to the “The Sightless Sphinx” tells us where to find it. Userid is the youth that was overcome by evil and lead the attack back on the Maftet. Can they be saved? It is to the north – 1 day.

We head out for the location of the “The Sightless Sphinx”.

On the way, we pass through 2 hexes. We spot a large burnished body in a ravine. 15 foot tall statue. It’s considered large. We stop to examine it and spring an ambush by invisible Cultists.


  • 6 x Cultist Archers

Cassandra is able to activate the Bronze Sentinel (90,000 gp)

We continue towards “The Sightless Sphinx” and land half a mile away and approach.

Huge seated sphinx structure.

Two rows of sightless sphinxes (J1)

Several Regions
1) Shadowed Area with Tents (J5)
2) White Palm Trees (J2)
3) Pavillion Tent (J3)
4) Scaffolds (J4)

As we move through the area between the two rows of sphinxes (J1) we hear a gong and see some movement.


  • 6 x Scorpion Men
  • 1 x Scorpion Man Leader


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