Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 23

We start exploring hexes trying to find the trail of the cultists.

Hex 1 – Baykok eating upon Scorpion Man body. (last session)
Hex 2 – Scraggly tree with ribbons on it. They are prayers by the scorpion to bless their travels.
Hex 3 – Cha spots sign of lizard aberrant things. We find the lair as the party is inclined to kill the evil things and enter. They are nocturnal. We defeat them and search the area.
Hex 4 – Sandstorm rises up. We land an bunker up. we lose a day.
Hex 5 – At sundown the sun hits the dunes at a certain angle and creates a scene of stars upon the ground. It’s inspiring and grants us a +1 bonus to our next 1d20 roll.
Hex 6 – Nothing unusual in the hex. That night, while Char is on watch, he hears the slow flapping of wings in the distance. We hunker down and avoid it.

Beltan remembers that somewhere in this area is a shrine to Sekemet (ancient Osirian god of war and healing). Shrine is Kher Ma. There is also supposed to be a temple to Seranrae in the area too.

Hex 7 – We note a landmark to the north (hex up). Obelisk of black stone. 30 ft tall. We notices a group of vultures hovering over something. As we get closer, we notice they are actually manticores and attacking a humanoid giant.

We kill the manticores and engage in conversation with the giant. Dressed like a roman legionaire.
He identifies himself as Agremius Desius of the Eighth Calpurian Legion. Have we seen the Blue Wyrm Standard? Nope. None of the things he mentions we generally recognize. He’s been wandering the deserts for a long time (dozens of centuries?)

We leveled to 10th level.

That night, he tells us stories. He has seen signs that he is on the right path. Hmm. Seems there might be a blue dragon in the area.

The next morning Hareesh and Beltan teleport with the giant teleport to the farm, drop off the giant and teleport back.

Hex 8 – We head towards the hex with the black stone obelisk. At the base, is a still humanoid form – burned. The obelisk is magic (evocation). The body has been dead for years. Hareesh the obelisk is like a battery that gathers electrical energy. If done right, it can charge metallic weapons with ‘shocking’ for a week or one weapon shocking burst for a week.

Hex 9 – We avoid setting up camp near sink holes. Near sun down, far to the north east, we see something blue and flying. The next morning – we find a stone structure – ruins of a temple.

Temple of Sarenrae. On some of the pillars are indications that the temple was de-sanctified in a formal way (possibly as they were moving the temple to another location).

We approach and while Hareesh is using the Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection and old man opens the door and asks what we are doing here. Zayeed Fahad – investigates old temples.

“Teen accident north of here. Lost a precious objects. A crown that is metal.” He’d trade it for something he has found.

Hex 10 – We approach the head waters where there are some large birds (storks) with metalic wings?

Symphalides x 6

We fight the birds. Some fly of feared (will be gone about 2 min). We search the water using the rod to see about finding the crown. 6 rounds later, we have the gold circlet with diamond.

We finish searching the hex and then head back.

Fayeed will trade us the crown for the power source for a construct. Hareesh believes it is worth at least 4k.

Hex 11 – We find a traveler way station that has been abandoned.

Hex 12 – That night we feel the ground shake. We feel a minor earthquake. After an hour things calm down. The epicenter was north.

Hex 13 – Heading north. As we are getting ready to camp, we spot an oasis. Three areas of interest.

  1. - Camp that was set up. Tent partially collapsed. Fire has burned out.
  2. - Part of the oasis pool is empty and is boggy mud pit
  3. - Part of the oasis pool that is emptying out.

We land and check things out. Tracks of the nomads coming in from the west. Signs of a struggle – blood on the sand. Drag marks that lead up to the pool where there is still water.

Following the drag marks, they lead into the water. Wu swims in and looks to see what can be found. He finds a small sized cave opening. He’d have have to squeeze through. He explores and hears two critters talking in another room about torturing someone for information. He leaves and returns quickly with the rest of the party.

We defeats 2 Aeriams and 1 Gug. Taking the surrender of the sole remaining Aeriams.

We rescue 3 nomads. They say there is a shrine to Sekehmet to the east of us somewhere.


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