Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 22

We finished off Chisisek’s tomb.

We agreed to find and bring back his body.

Decided to travel to Ipec (nearest city).

Along the way:

  • Bypassed the Sand Kracken.
  • Encountered Cultists and Assassin’s at Falcon’s Ridge
  • In the Salt Lake, we encountered some Basilisks (one of which was a greater).
  • Found two people – the were petrified and we revived them (Ashmen Ak (female tomb explorer, human) and An Hakhet (Ranger, human, dozens of centuries old)
  • Found Deathworm and took it’s stinger back to the crystal behir – The Singing Storm. Gave us +1 falchion
  • Also found other glove of arrow snaring

Arrived in Ipec. Sold stuff and told tales of our glory.
Did a party split. (XX of GP)
Cassandra and Harish completed their flying constructs wagons and headed back to Chissisek’s tomb to pick up the trail. The trail was obliterated. We headed north to the northern part of the parched dunes.

We encountered a flying ghoulish thing. Baykok. Feasting on a dead body of a half, scorpion man.

Session 21 Loot Split – 12697 gp
Session 22 Loot Split – 7669 gp


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