Welcome to my new campaign, The Mummy’s Mask!

09/15/2015 – First session went quite well I think. Once the pace picked up everyone seemed engaged and at least for myself I was having fun. Over the next two weeks I’ll be fleshing out some more campaign rules/guidelines mostly concerning downtime and poisons (I’m making a Normal to Unchained poison conversion system). If anyone has anything they would like to see addressed please let me know. Also for the after the next session I’m allowing complete rewrites, if you there is something about your character you don’t like or if the class is just not working for you, that will be the time to change. After that I’ll be using the retraining rules from Ultimate Campaign.

09/10/2015 – Yet more stuff. I think I’ve nailed down what I want to do with Fear and Madness plus other proposed house rules to try out. I’m considering the first part of the module as a playtest. Please take a look at the Campaign Rules section of the wiki and let me know what you think. Also please if you haven’t done so already, check out the Trait section under Character Creation. Make sure your Campaign trait is what you think it is, also I had added some Regional traits as well.

Here is the party so far:

Brian – Human (?) Arcanist
Chad – Dwarven Death Metal SKKAAALLLLDDDD!!!
Erica – Tiefling Alchemist
Erin – Tiefling Cleric of Calistria (who will most likely be run as an NPC most of the time)
Phil – Gnome Hunter with his mount
Richard – Half-Gnoll Slayer
Rick – Human Ranger/Living Monolith

09/02/2015 – The new campaign starts in less than two weeks. My players should take note to take a look at the character creation tab under the wiki. I have made my final decisions regarding traits. More updates to come in the next few days.

11/12/2014 – Not much to see here yet. My turn to GM again won’t be till the middle of next year at the earliest so I’m trying to prepare as much as I can ahead of time the extras, house rules, and module errata that I can ahead of time.

I decided to run The Mummy’s Mask as it seemed to be a natural progression from my Legacy of Fire campaign which included some side adventures into Osirion (Entombed with the Pharaohs and The Pact Stone Pyramid) which introduced to my players the Aucturn Enigma and the countdown clocks. I plan on weaving in aspects of the Enigma and the Dark Tapestry (pardon the pun) into the Mummy’s Mask as well as the inevitable changes I’ll make from disagreements with challenge and plot.

Another genre I want to touch with this adventure path is the aspect of Horror. The characters no doubt will be capable adventurers, but I want to introduce campaign elements that encourage my players not only to think outside the box but have fun with coming up with to desperate solutions to survive the terrifying situations they will face.

I’m not sure yet how I will do this while making sure that FUN is not impacted. Insanity, hero points, new Injury rules, etc… are all things I will need to consider. Wish me luck!

Zach's The Mummy's Mask

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