Character Creation

Campaign Traits

Physical Traits

Character Class Options

Character Race Options

20 Point Buy

2 Normal Traits, 1 Campaign or Region (Osirion or Katapesh) Trait

200 GP starting wealth

In general beyond what might be hinted in the player’s guide, my players should expect the following in the campaign.

Undead, Traps, Vermin, Traps, Constructs, Traps, Elementals, Traps, Magical Beasts, Traps, Poison, Traps, Fear, Traps….and well one should get the picture by now. This doesn’t mean that certain types of styles of play, for example an enchanter, will be totally ineffective and some situations be a boon. After all the characters will have competing adventuring groups and bureaucracy to deal with. Just be warned that those type of specialized characters will likely be more challenging to play.

If anyone is interested I will design a Sandsinger bard archtype based on the Watersinger. This bard variant can use their performance to shape sand into objects and use it for attack or defense. They would also gain a selection of sand / desert themed spells to add to their known spell list.

Character Creation

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