Campaign Rules

Alternative Crit Rule – proposed

Ancient vs Modern Osirion – Or why can’t I read these stupid Hieroglyphics?

Bargaining – Appraise skill expanded so as to be the primary skill for buying and selling.

Concealing Actions and Spellcasting – Rules for being noticed spellcasting in a crowd.

Crafting – House rules for Crafting to include Mumia making

Daily Activities – For what a character might be doing when not adventuring that day. (Downtime Rules)

Fame and Fortune – Similar to Infamy and Disrepute from Skulls and Shackles. As the party’s Fame grows, Fortune can smile on them, giving them a bit a luck when things go bad.

Fear effects and Terror – proposed

Lifestyle – Why staying at an Inn and eating good food is important.

Magic – Mostly how healing magic works with the new Poison, Disease, and Fear rules. Still a work in progress.

Poison Conversion – How I will be converting poisons from old system to new.

Restoration spells – How Restoration and Lesser Restoration affect poison and disease.

Afflictions – (SRD Link) From curses to poisons to diseases, there are a number of afflictions that can affect a creature.

Relationships and Contacts – From Ultimate Campaign, WIP

Campaign Rules

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