Campaign Background


The events in the Mummy’s Mask occur over 50 years after The Legacy of Fire and the discovery of the Pyramid of the Four Pharaohs. The characters are the children and grandchildren of the saviors of Kelmarane, who defeated the Ifrit Javahl and prevented the destruction of Katapesh and the surrounding regions. Now their progeny, having grown up in the shadows of their legendary parents, have banded together to seek out their own destiny.

They are drawn northwards, to the lands of Osirion, where the Ruby Prince, the region’s ruler has once more opened a window of authorized ancient site exploration and recovery. It’s legal tomb robbing by most definitions, but its the perfect opportunity for a newly formed group of adventurers to make their name. Wati’s Necropolis, also known as the “City of the Dead” is the first of the sites opened to explorers. Because of its size, there are dozens of possible places to explore, offering plenty of opportunity for dozens of adventurers who have arrived at Wati.

However, the Church of Pharasma, who oversee the the Necropolis, have declared that the adventuring groups will be assigned locations by lot. Will fate smile upon upon our heroes? Or will they be cursed instead?

Campaign Background

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