Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 28

We start to investigate the area.

There is a room with a hot spring. In the pool is a statue of a Maishtu (tentacled creature). Cassandra believes it is a petrified creature. (Reminder: This is a Sphinx of Areshcagula – evil) Wu looks like there are some gems down in the water. Wu moves into the water and the statue comes to life


1 x Maishtu (CR10)

We defeat it and search the area and then move to the other room.

This room is the quarters of the Croc Head. White and green flagstones in this opulent room. Cassandra spots a small vent above the bed. Not sure what it’s for. We search the room and find nothing of value. We then enter a connected room. There is a glowing pool of water. The room is glowing as if it was under water. The pool is magical. Cassandra believes the pool can be used to cast Clairvoyance/Clairaudience.

We head towards the door into the arm of the sphinx where we heard some noises. We get to the door and Cassandra checks it for traps. She can also hear merc talk by the Scorpion men. She attempts to ‘recruit’ them. Wu tries to open the door.


  • Scorpion Men x 2
  • Cultist Archers x 2
  • Cultist Monk x 2

During the fight, Cassandra manages to recruit to the Scorpion Men.

Further in there are:

  • Hallway with a curse trap
  • Room with a ghost in it
  • Chapel with their Merc Leader and the rest of the Merc band

Cultist Patron – Human or Elven woman with Mask – refers to herself as the Forgotten Pharaoh.

Cassandra makes prayers to Sekhemet while walking down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, two ghostly servants of Sehement appears and nod their approval to Cassandra (she gets a blessing for next 24 hours). She is accompanied by the 2 Scorpion Men. We are expecting her to meet with the Merc Leader. There are three in the room (one is female).

Rubilia – Merc Woman
Cassandra and Rubilia strike a deal for one month’s employment (5k).

The Cultists Patron (woman) is calling herself Hanotep.

At the top of the stairs is a corridor to a big room (in the sphinx head)

We buff up and head down at a fast movement up the stairs and down the long hall. We come to a set of arcane locked doors and Cassandra unlocks them and Seijen Wu opens the doors.

The doors across the room are inlaid with lots of hieroglyphics.

They are effectively a trap. Press them in order to open or try to disable them.

The symbols are the various planets of the Gollarion Solar System. (12 planets).

In the center of the doors, is the symbol of the demon goddess of greed, portals, and riddles.

Eyox – Planet – Greed
Castrovelle – Planet – Portals
Octurn – Planet – Riddles

We get through the door and confront the Patron and all the others villains.


  • 5 x Monk Cultists
  • 1 x Giant Scorpion
  • 1 x Spirit Enfused Cultists Leader Type of Hanotep
Session 27

The third stage of this fight starts.

Over the course of the fight, Harish threw almost all the combatants into the pit. One of them did a runner and the Croc Headed boss killed Beltan before the fight was done. We quickly gathered loot and left with Beltan’s body to quickly head to our caravan and hide out in the desert.

The next morning Nefara raises Beltan from the dead. Hareesh teleports back to a metropolis with Cassrandra and sold the loot we had so far. We also do some shopping.

Loot Split: 23099 gp each

We each contributed 1000 gp out of that split to refill our diamond dust pot.

We camp again to get focused on combat and the next morning, we return to the pyramid. The area appears abandoned (maybe they are holed up inside).

We scout the outside. There was a guard post in some scaffolding at the rear. Empty.

We find 3 spell books in some tents.

We buff up 10 min/level and hour/level buffs and enter into the pyramid

Session 26
Shrine of Sekhemet continued Part 2

The party charges the front doors of the Shrine of Sekhemet “Fiendish Sphinx”, Harish picks up Belten using the Bronze Sentinel Char tells the Roc to pick up the Bronze sentinel and flys to the entrance. Landing at the doors Betlton and Cassandra take the lead with Nefara behind them.
Char and Harroo Roc AC waiting with Harish in the Bonze Sentinel waiting behind. As Cassandra open the front doors two monks of Hackotec ambush the party with two Scorpion Men as backup .. the Scorpion Men take round 1 to summon natures allies more large scorpions but are counted by Harris casting Hungry pit right at the entrance causing the large creatures to sit and stew going what do we do now. This fight ends with 1 scorpion men in the pit piled up with 5 large scorpions piled on top thanks to Harish use of Tk spell. One of the scorpion men runs to the other door opens it up .. low crawls through the room .. wtf was that maybe a trap in it .. gets to the other door exits and starts screaming for help.

From behind and above 3 maguc archers dispel Chars and Harroo Roc fickle winds and almost kill Char in two rounds, Harrish counters the archers with two fireballs killing one of the archers.. at this point the fight inside is almost over and I decide that its time to going inside to not get hit with archer fire. The rest of the party slowly follows I, but wait out front 3 screaming Barbarian Hackotec followers run across the dunes, like its firm ground trying to catch the party before we go in only to run into the back of the Golem. One is effected with unnatural lust and tries to make out with another. Harrish inside the golem laughs at the barbarian plinking on the outside. Once all the party is inside the barbarians fall prey to the hungry pit. through magic and roc grabbing and dropping. We close the doors on the archers as they two left decide to cast invisibility.

Belton spends time using pitons to make sure that double door stays closed.

Mean while the party heals up and Cassandra starts looking at the door and Harris starts iding items.
Loot ..
3 +1 long spears (m), 3 mw Warhammers, 9 mw Javelins, 15 gold
2 mw. light crossbows (M), 2 amulet mighty fists one taken for bliss, 2 belts of str +2, 80gp
1 mw spear

after stuff is ided we look at the next room .. Cassandra being invisible goes in to figure out the trap. There is two eys one on each wall about 3ft up and the room looks like motif for Shrine of Sekhemet, Cassandra makes religion roll and figures out you are supposed to crawl on the floor below the eyes if you don’t it will trigger a trap that summons something. As she moves into the room to disarm the eyes we find out the room has walls only 10ft up and an outer room with stairs up to the edge of the wall and two Scorpion Men detect Cassandra using tremor sense. They start combat, from outside the room the party starts using ranged spells / attacks while Cassandra makes it out of the room back to the party. The far door opens and a voice yells do it now, a Heckotec Monk jumps down into the room triggering the trap and then runs out the far door that is closed after him. .. Three Fiendish Sphinx are summoned and attack at random, 1 runs out the door at the party and starts to mall Char a second one gets stuck in the door, the last decides to go after a Scorpion man. Harris again does his magic and one Sphinx is grabbed and held in place unable to fight, the other Sphinx fighting the party is dispatched quickly. The grabbed and pinned Sphinx is moved into the room to allow the Roc and Belton to take up the door spaces and block mobs form moving in. At this point Char is down to 9 hp and decides to get off the mount and try to get some healing done. Two monks join the fight taking the places at the door. Harrish decides its time to play dirty and summons another hungry pit with the area being right past the door, then goes back to tk pushing mobs into it. Char using hunter affinity with his Roc tells it to grab the scorpion men and drop them into the pit. The last scorpion man decides to run yelling for the boss.

Stage Three starts..
A Medium size creature enters the room yelling who is disturbing my meditation. Causing all to make will saves and then fort saves with its gaze. Description is man like creature with crocodile head and stone covered hands.

Session 25

Hex 23 – Shrine of Sekhemet continued

We fight the Efreet back into the building and then down below. We end up having a one on one fight between a “halfling monk” (Shaitan Monk) and Seijen Wu. After being thrown into the stone wall, Seijen Wu breaks out and knocks the Shaitan Monk

The Efreet Female Leader says, “We concede defeat.” Cassandra parlays and the leader says “I will grant you a wish if you let us go.” Cassandra says, “I wish you to brink the body of Chisiske here to me.”

More conversation occurs. The Sarcophagus wooden is delivered on a stone bier. The coffins lid is carved. Within are the mummified remains of Chisisek. The Efreet and the Shaitan depart.

We search the rest of the complex. There is an arch with ancient osirian with a phrase to Sekhmet.

We find a section of floor stone shaped. We find a set of fine maps that Shows Obelisk, Temple of Sarenae, Shrine of Sekhment and the Garden of Symetry (2 hexes to the south).

Next Actions

  • Load the Chisisek’s Sarcophagus into Wagon
  • Interrogate Chisisek with Speak with Dead.
  • Return to Maftet to tell them the the Shrine of Sekhet is cleared and get the information on location of the “The Sightless Sphinx” location
  • Go deal with the cultists at the “The Sightless Sphinx” location
  • Explore Garden of Symetry
  • Return Chisisek to his tomb and Tetisureh

We head back towards the Maftet ruins. We spot a camp set up with blue pavilion. (Location G). South we spot a shape of a blue dragon (in the direction of the garden of symmetry).

We travel through the night – and the next morning – we are near the Ruins of Kher-ma where the Maftet are.

Nefara questions the corpse after we mem spellls and will have 5 questions.

1) Hareesh describes his dream and wants to know about the darkness descending?
When he was a young boy, there were clocks that counted down against that event. The previous pharoahs would prepare. The Sky Pharoh had Chisisek to built a weapon to use against Darkness, but was treacherous and used it to gain knowledge from the creatures from the 8th Planet.

The weapon was used and then was used for his tomb.

2) Where is the tomb of the Sky Pharaoh – Hakotep located at?
Hakotep’s pyramid was his pride and joy and incorporated features of the 8th Planet tech Aermantic Infandibulum. His favorite guards were to use the Khepsutanem to send his pyramid into the sky. In the week after his death, the guards slaughtered his greatest generals and entombed them with him.

3) How do we find the tomb?
It is warded against divination and observation and the sky currents are unknown. What was used to sent it up, can be used to call it back – “Kepsutanem” – by focusing the Kepsutanem sekred pheres upon the Aermantic Infadibulum to cause it return.

4) Where can we find the Kepsutanem?
The source of the skerred pheres is located at the northern side of the trenches of tekrmenet- (archaelogical site)

5) How do we use it?
Before the sekred pheres can be deactived, must awaken Kepsutanem. We must reach the northern part and awaken Kepsutsmne and use the sacred of order on the buttons.

We’ll next need to ask what the sacred order is.

The Sacred Trenches of Hakohep is 5 days away.

We return to the Maftet. Erayu (leader) tells us where to the “The Sightless Sphinx” tells us where to find it. Userid is the youth that was overcome by evil and lead the attack back on the Maftet. Can they be saved? It is to the north – 1 day.

We head out for the location of the “The Sightless Sphinx”.

On the way, we pass through 2 hexes. We spot a large burnished body in a ravine. 15 foot tall statue. It’s considered large. We stop to examine it and spring an ambush by invisible Cultists.


  • 6 x Cultist Archers

Cassandra is able to activate the Bronze Sentinel (90,000 gp)

We continue towards “The Sightless Sphinx” and land half a mile away and approach.

Huge seated sphinx structure.

Two rows of sightless sphinxes (J1)

Several Regions
1) Shadowed Area with Tents (J5)
2) White Palm Trees (J2)
3) Pavillion Tent (J3)
4) Scaffolds (J4)

As we move through the area between the two rows of sphinxes (J1) we hear a gong and see some movement.


  • 6 x Scorpion Men
  • 1 x Scorpion Man Leader
Session 24

Hex 14 – Copse of Fig Trees – We collect some figs

Hex 15 – We find some ruins and explore them.

There are tracks outside – large skeletal cat. Hellcat. … Three Hellcats?

  • 3 x CR7 Hellcat

After we enter the structure, this construct starts moving out of the fire.

  • 1 x Tophet (Construct)

After we defeat it, we recover some magical capital and some things off a corpse of a burned dwarf it the Tophet’s belly.

Hex 16 – Nothing of interest along the river

Hex 17 – Hunting ground of something nasty – Black Scorpion – Largest known scorpions – Colossal

Hex 18 – Black Scorp hunting ground – We see a Black Scorpion in a fight with a Janni or Efreet.

  • 1 x Colossal Black Scorpion
  • 1 x Div Warlord – Raayani

Hex 19, 20, 21 – We find nothing

Hex 22 – We find ruins of some sort. We hear the murmurs of conversation.

  • Tribe of Maftets – Winged Humanoids – Speaking Sphinx
  • Cassandra presents herself as a merchant and the rest of us as retinue.
  • They had lived at a site called ‘The Sightless Sphinx’ as guardians. Some of their young had gone in (in foolish youth) and come out changed. The shrine of Sekhemet is to the east. They had sent scouts that were turned back by Efreet.
  • Cassandra mentions Tetisurah and that we were working with her to recover something stolen from the Tomb she guarded that was stolen by Cultists of the Forgotten Pharaoph. They direct Cassandra to talk with their leader – Erayu.
  • Erayu talked in a soft, growly voice. They had seen cultists at The Sighless Sphinx. They can direct us there, but only if we prove ourselves. Perhaps by clearing the Shrine of Sekhemet. Red skinned humanoids.
  • Efreets. We pool our knowledge on Efreets.
  • Erayu marks on our map where the Shrine of Sekhemet is.

We camped with them over night and headed out to the Shrine the next morning (Hex 23).

Spend a day and a half to travel towards the shrine.

Hex 23 – Shrine of Sekhemet – Walled Oasis within a valley in a canyon. We are withing 200 ft of the walled oasis with concealment.

There is a guy in red robes walking on top of the smaller (15 ft tall) structure and one guy walking around on top of the 45 ft tall structure.

The walls are masonry stones – 3 ft thick. The gate is 7 ft tall and made of wood. We buff up and hide in the wagons and approach. We get within 100 ft. Combat breaks out.

4 x Efreets
1 x Desert Drake named Khajeff
1 x Woman Efreet

We stopped at the top of round 4.

Session 23

We start exploring hexes trying to find the trail of the cultists.

Hex 1 – Baykok eating upon Scorpion Man body. (last session)
Hex 2 – Scraggly tree with ribbons on it. They are prayers by the scorpion to bless their travels.
Hex 3 – Cha spots sign of lizard aberrant things. We find the lair as the party is inclined to kill the evil things and enter. They are nocturnal. We defeat them and search the area.
Hex 4 – Sandstorm rises up. We land an bunker up. we lose a day.
Hex 5 – At sundown the sun hits the dunes at a certain angle and creates a scene of stars upon the ground. It’s inspiring and grants us a +1 bonus to our next 1d20 roll.
Hex 6 – Nothing unusual in the hex. That night, while Char is on watch, he hears the slow flapping of wings in the distance. We hunker down and avoid it.

Beltan remembers that somewhere in this area is a shrine to Sekemet (ancient Osirian god of war and healing). Shrine is Kher Ma. There is also supposed to be a temple to Seranrae in the area too.

Hex 7 – We note a landmark to the north (hex up). Obelisk of black stone. 30 ft tall. We notices a group of vultures hovering over something. As we get closer, we notice they are actually manticores and attacking a humanoid giant.

We kill the manticores and engage in conversation with the giant. Dressed like a roman legionaire.
He identifies himself as Agremius Desius of the Eighth Calpurian Legion. Have we seen the Blue Wyrm Standard? Nope. None of the things he mentions we generally recognize. He’s been wandering the deserts for a long time (dozens of centuries?)

We leveled to 10th level.

That night, he tells us stories. He has seen signs that he is on the right path. Hmm. Seems there might be a blue dragon in the area.

The next morning Hareesh and Beltan teleport with the giant teleport to the farm, drop off the giant and teleport back.

Hex 8 – We head towards the hex with the black stone obelisk. At the base, is a still humanoid form – burned. The obelisk is magic (evocation). The body has been dead for years. Hareesh the obelisk is like a battery that gathers electrical energy. If done right, it can charge metallic weapons with ‘shocking’ for a week or one weapon shocking burst for a week.

Hex 9 – We avoid setting up camp near sink holes. Near sun down, far to the north east, we see something blue and flying. The next morning – we find a stone structure – ruins of a temple.

Temple of Sarenrae. On some of the pillars are indications that the temple was de-sanctified in a formal way (possibly as they were moving the temple to another location).

We approach and while Hareesh is using the Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection and old man opens the door and asks what we are doing here. Zayeed Fahad – investigates old temples.

“Teen accident north of here. Lost a precious objects. A crown that is metal.” He’d trade it for something he has found.

Hex 10 – We approach the head waters where there are some large birds (storks) with metalic wings?

Symphalides x 6

We fight the birds. Some fly of feared (will be gone about 2 min). We search the water using the rod to see about finding the crown. 6 rounds later, we have the gold circlet with diamond.

We finish searching the hex and then head back.

Fayeed will trade us the crown for the power source for a construct. Hareesh believes it is worth at least 4k.

Hex 11 – We find a traveler way station that has been abandoned.

Hex 12 – That night we feel the ground shake. We feel a minor earthquake. After an hour things calm down. The epicenter was north.

Hex 13 – Heading north. As we are getting ready to camp, we spot an oasis. Three areas of interest.

  1. - Camp that was set up. Tent partially collapsed. Fire has burned out.
  2. - Part of the oasis pool is empty and is boggy mud pit
  3. - Part of the oasis pool that is emptying out.

We land and check things out. Tracks of the nomads coming in from the west. Signs of a struggle – blood on the sand. Drag marks that lead up to the pool where there is still water.

Following the drag marks, they lead into the water. Wu swims in and looks to see what can be found. He finds a small sized cave opening. He’d have have to squeeze through. He explores and hears two critters talking in another room about torturing someone for information. He leaves and returns quickly with the rest of the party.

We defeats 2 Aeriams and 1 Gug. Taking the surrender of the sole remaining Aeriams.

We rescue 3 nomads. They say there is a shrine to Sekehmet to the east of us somewhere.

Session 22

We finished off Chisisek’s tomb.

We agreed to find and bring back his body.

Decided to travel to Ipec (nearest city).

Along the way:

  • Bypassed the Sand Kracken.
  • Encountered Cultists and Assassin’s at Falcon’s Ridge
  • In the Salt Lake, we encountered some Basilisks (one of which was a greater).
  • Found two people – the were petrified and we revived them (Ashmen Ak (female tomb explorer, human) and An Hakhet (Ranger, human, dozens of centuries old)
  • Found Deathworm and took it’s stinger back to the crystal behir – The Singing Storm. Gave us +1 falchion
  • Also found other glove of arrow snaring

Arrived in Ipec. Sold stuff and told tales of our glory.
Did a party split. (XX of GP)
Cassandra and Harish completed their flying constructs wagons and headed back to Chissisek’s tomb to pick up the trail. The trail was obliterated. We headed north to the northern part of the parched dunes.

We encountered a flying ghoulish thing. Baykok. Feasting on a dead body of a half, scorpion man.

Session 21 Loot Split – 12697 gp
Session 22 Loot Split – 7669 gp

Session 21

We plan to fly up to the worked stone with a tent on the level with the pyramid and land and fight off the exterior guards (Cultists and Desert Giants).

Coming around the corner we see a giant half woman/half snake creature and two cultists.


  • 1 x Lamia Matriarch (CR12)
  • 11 x Cultists
  • 1 x Desert Giant
  • 2 x Lamia

Down below is a sphinx that is frozen. Cassandra jumps off the wasp and checks her out. Sepia Snake sigil – in stasis. She uses some potions to heal the sphinx. She heals her up some before removing her from the stasis. She’s a gynosphinx.

Tetisoraw – her name. She is the guardian of the tomb of Chesirak. We all head to where the cultists have ‘desecrated’ tomb. The ante chamber has been looted. Down a corridor, a boulder trap is triggered.

One room has plunder/cargo (heavy stuff).

Ungents of Timelessness x 3 we left them behind.

Beyond the rubble is a room with an empty sarcophagus and a construct.

Cassandra turns invisible and searches the room and finds a secret door behind the construct and Cassandra investigates beyond. She picks a very difficult lock and opens the door at the end of the corridor. A construct inside activates and becomes a whirling wall of blades.

Seijen Wu hears this and steps into the first room and triggers the first construct.

Session 20

After ‘buying’ some slaves from the Gnolls, we start a fight with them.


  • 4 x Gnoll (CR5)
  • 4 x Hyenas

The slaves (12) are fatigued so we will need to take a rest and then Harish will use Phantom Chariots so we can travel to City of Ipeq to release the slaves. it will take slightly over a day to get there. Along the way, we have an encounter.


  • 1 x Scorpion Dryder Thing (CR8)
  • 1 x Large Scorpion

We continue on wards Ipeq and arrive. Seijen Wu gives each of the slaves 5 gp each and sends them on their way.

Take a day to sell and the split is 863.5

We then head back to the area we are searching and search the hex.

Hex 2 – We find and old camp site. 3 people all man sized. Had weapons. They were headed north west.

Hex 3 – Rocky planes scoured clean by sand storms. We hear pipes that constantly repeats themselves. We come to a large sink hole. At the bottom is a Behir.


  • 1 x Behir (CRx)

Hex H – Lair of the Behir
Hex G – Lesser creature. Giant Death Worm
Hex I – Colony of Basilisk’s lair there
Hex L – Large, highest peak – giant bird
Hex O – Sand Kraken

Humans to the north east.
Scorpion Woman – Not sure what she is.

each hex explored = 100 xp each

Hex 4 – Statue of a man with a cloak of flowers. Razen Anusep. Noted traveler and explorer. In the area are the remains of the town. Nothing of value there. Archaeological site.

Hex 5 – Brief, but intense Thunderstorm. We avoid flash flood. (CR3)

Hex 6 – (Mountainous) – A farm in the distances – terraced – it’s larger than normal. Desert Giants.

Hex 7 – (Mountainous) – Nice scenic spot. Prismactic view during sun rise. +1 to our next d20 roll.

Hex 8 – (Mountainous) (Hex L) – Spire with an aerie around a sea going galley. Giant bird circling above. We head towards the spire.


  • 1 x Roc (CR9)

From the Aerie, we can see further north (in the square we had been in) appears to be a vaguely hexagonal mound. We camp the night then finish searching the hex the next day. We level that night.

We head back to Hex 7 (Letter M).

Hex 7 – Hexagonal mound – 6 hexagon’s combined. We are 200 ft away when we hear buzzing.

Combat – Scared them away

  • 5 x Bee Women
  • 2 x Large Bees

Hex 9 – Burial Mask

The Valley

Hex 10 – Valley with steep ridges – tracks of humanoid coming in and out – some of which are large sized

Coming in over the ridge line, we see a pyramid down in the valley. We spot some cultists in the valley. We see a Desert Giant and more cultists. We circle around and enter a back cave.


  • 1 x Armored Snake (CR11)

The cave is adorned in heiroglyphics. It depicts the construction of the pyramid. It shows sphinxes with human heads helping in the construction. There is a spring at the back of the cave.

Session 19

Party Split: 4509.5
Party Split: 1439.5
Party Split: 3324.65

XP Gained: 8540
XP Gained: 3470

Into the desert to find the tomb of the Sky Pharoah’s tomb architect


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