Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 11

Day 33 (Continued)

Maybe we don’t want to camp here. Maybe head to Asceti Manor and bargain with the Darklings.

What do we know about Darklings? Dark Stalkers and Dark Creepers. The leader of the dark folk is named Unwrapped Harmony. They are tolerated because they are not undead. The clan is called Xotl.

Unwrapped Harmony is interested in mummy’s and such.

We make our way across the Necropolis avoiding the swarms of undead to the south. We arrive on the other side of the wall and Cassandra goes over to make initial contact with the Darklings.

“Twitchy Rat” shares some local gossip – the Dark Folk are having a bit of a schism. Gaunt Cadaver was the 2nd in command and they (Gaunt and Unwrapped) have interest in the dead. Gaunt is interested in resurrection of the dead (undead) and Unwrapped was more interested in preserving the dead.

Gaunt Cadaver is looking to make the Dark folk undead. They have set themselves up in another villa – Kowab.

After about 30 minutes, we are invited inside to meet with Unwrapped Harmony and 2 of her hand maidens.

Cassandra negotiates safe shelter for the night. If want more, then as a favor – return magic stone Gaunt Cadaver.

Nefara treats Kephraim for his poison to help me partially recover. The party spends the night resting.

Day 34

We get some help from Unwrapped Harmony with some False Life spells. Nefara casts Hide from Undead.

On the way to the Kowab Villa, we run into 2 shadows.


  • 2 x Shadows (CR3)

We continue on to the Kowab Villa and approach the front door. There a likely Ankhegs on the grounds.


  • 2 x Ankheg (CR3)

During the fight, Cassandra notices a humanoid figure watching us – possibly a ghoul. Also, Cassandra notices in the windows of the villa a curtain twitch.

No response when we knock at the door – we take a few minutes and batter the door down.

Just inside is a large room with a big dining table. Fetid smell in the room. There are 3 darkling creepers and a leader type.


  • 3 x Dark Creeper
  • 1 x Dark Creeper Leader

Jewelry –
Cache – 3 potions

Cassandra convinces the conscious darkling to tell us where Gaunt Cadaver is. He also describes a big abomination in the court yard. The lab is in the back.

We go down the left side of the building (and not into the corridor) towards where the lab should be.

Cassandra open the door to the lab and…combat ensues.


  • 3 x Dark Creeper Undead (CR3)
  • 1 x Dark Stalker – Gaunt Cadaver (CR4)

After we defeat them, Cassandra recover the stone and we decide to press on to the abomination in the center.


  • 1 x Lurching Abomination

We then search the rest of the villa. It’s now about 11am and tie up the darklings in the front room and prepare to return to Villa Ascita.

“Chundra’s Champions” – 4 adventurers – illusion – 4 undead things


  • 4 x Hucuva (Undead) (CR2)

We continue on the Villa Ascita. Unwrapped Harmony is happy to see her brothers returned. We can keep the stone. She’ll share more of the coming and goings. A few hours before the pulse, a figure was carrying a golden mask and arguing with something in a copper cage. He left behind a scrap of paper.

The paper is a star chart of the of the night sky over Wati. Not sure what if it scholarly or navigation or divination from the scrap.

The golden mask does sound familiar to Harish.

The star chart might have originated from a few places

  • Pyramid Arithimetic Bliss
  • Mahepts’s Marvelous Maps
  • Academy of the Skies and Moon

Locations to still check for Elegiac compasses

  • Shiny Bauble
  • Ghoul Market
  • Tomb of Matya

We return to the Villa Kowaba and hole up for the night.

During the night, on the third watch, an undead Velriana breaks into the and attacks Belten.


  • 1 x Zombie Lord – Velriana Hypaxes

Day 35

First place we want to target is Academy of Skies and Moon.

Once we get out of the area, we’ll sell the gems, and pretty items and get the raise deads. It will take one day (to Day 35) for raise deads.

Session 10

Day 33 (Continued)

We searched the area and found various loot and a secret door. Behind the secret door is a decrepit tunnel headed in the direction of the old Necropolis (5 ft high, 6 ft wide). Secret way in…hmm.

We go to search the rest of this underground facility. Back to the area with a pit trap and to the other set of doors. Beyond we find the remains of the firing stations for the brick works above. It’s been taken over as a dry area to store things. We spot fresh bodies and their torsoes have been opened and innards scattered about. Kephraim races forward to decapitate them. Cassandra spots some sort of desicated organ creature.


  • 1 x Tekenu (CR6)

After it tried to eat Kephraim’s liver, we defeat it and find Ptenemib’s vestments and holy symbol. We search and find some loot and magic items.

To the west is a channel of water through the doors, good for smuggling. There are a set of double doors, boarded up with a Danger sign on them. Their is a sharp chemical odor coming from beyond. (Cassandra believes it might be one of the chemicals to make mumia). She asks us to open it up and we do.

We cautious enter the area. We spot a decomposing body that is swollen and bloated. It’s face is concealed within a brass funeral mask. Some of the party start feeling light headed from the fumes. We back out trying to lure it the zombie out. Combat ensues.


  • 1 x Bloat Zombie (CR 1)
  • 1 x Poison Trap (CR 4)

When it died, it exploded and soaked Kephraim in a concentrated poison that confused him. The party knocks him unconscious after a few tense moments and tie him up.

They search the bulk storage area and the chemical room.

The lab was an attempt to make mumia.

NOTE: Your sects efforts have been exemplary so far, but their is much yet to be done. The Necropolis of Wati will soon be opened, and we might find clues that have lain hidden for too long. Transportation and means of communication will be provided. A gang of grave robbers called the Silver Chain should provide you with the cover and resources you need to continue this search. Once you arrive in the city, infiltrate the Silver Chain and bend them to His divine will. Move quickly. Once the Pharasman’s open the Necropolis to explorer’s we run the risk of outsiders finding the mask first. Succeed, and Hakotep’s moment of resurection will soon be at hand. I don’t need to tell you how much I would loath expressing the Sky Pharaoph’s displeasure if you fail. Signed – Meret-Hetef

The group goes back to the temple, lugging Kephraim with them.

There is an argument going on between Nakhet Shapsis, the leader of the Voice of Pharasma and and Sebtee, the Crocodile. They are arguing over using the pyschopomps to fight and destroy the undead.

The argument changes as we approach and we get a private audience with them. Kephraim receives a Neutralize Poison and is cured and given some healing.

We talk about the Cult of the Forgotten ones, show them the note and what was going on with the Silver Chain.

No one has heard of the Sky Pharaoph.

Cassandra proposes using the Psychopomps to secure the gates and to send a small group into the Necropolis to find the source and destroy it.

Nekhet agrees, but we must be tested first. We will have a fight with some special psychopomps. They will have Cure Deadly’s ready on each side.


  • 1 x Leader – Vanth Pyschopomp (CR7)
  • 2 x Esobok Psychomop (CR3)

Sebtee, the Crocodile – She shares hidden information. Dozen’s Elegiac Compasses deployed. As of 30 years ago, five of them are functioning. We receive a map with the locations.

Nekhet thinks the source is from Cult of Lamias – Ashument. They are at the Cenotaph of the Cynic. This is where all the atheists are interred.

Ptenemib tells us of Darklings (he is friendly with them) – with a leader named – Unrwrapped Harmony. Asciti Manor in Viziers Hill. He recommends using the passage to see if it leads into the Necropolis.

Sebti provides us a Lesser Metamagic Ectoplasmic Rod.

It’s about 1pm now. We go back to Bright River Brick Works to use see if the secret passage does go all the way to the Necropolis. We want to avoid the gates as they are swarming with undead.

We get there and head into the tunnel and start navigating it – it is a warren. We come to an old site of a fight. Cassandra notices two of the suites of armor twitching and combat ensues.


  • 2 x Animated Armor (CR2)

After the fight, it takes us 3 more hours to find our way out. It’s now 5pm. We exit up through a well into a courtyard. We have come out in the Dry Vanes. This is the slum of the Necropolis. Their is a rope ladder up. There should be a monument with one of the Elegiac Compasses on it. As we start to exit the well, we hear noise. As we start to exit, something start to sneak up the tunnel we were coming from.


  • 8 x Ghouls

After we defeats the ghouls, we heal up and Char tries to trail the snake swarm (with wild empathy) away from the rubble. It looks like the Elegiac Compass is in the rubble.

He succeeds, but it looks like the compass has been shattered


  • 2 x Snake Swarm (CR) Avoided

We are going to go for another Elegiac Compass location at the Merridian Bath House (and then to maybe hole up their for the night). On the way to the Bath House, Cassandra spots a trap in the street and we stop. Cassandra starts investigating the trap when something invisible lifts her up and throws her onto the trap. An encounter ensues.


  • 1 x Gear Ghost (CR5)
  • 1 x Spike Trap with Poison (CR5)

At the bottom of the pit trap, we find some magic wondrous item. We heal up and head on to the Bath House.

One of the Elegiac Compasses should be here and we get their and find it’s been destroyed at the Bath House and an indoor swamp.

We find in the mud a lense of detection.

We might camp here.

Session 9

Day 32 (continued)

We are heading to gate into the Necropolis to secure it and then on to the Temple of Pharasma to find a high level cleric to talk about the Seals.

As we approach the gate, we see a Pharasman Cleric pleading with some city guard to stay and help defend the gate.

Bal Themm – Cleric of Pharasma

She’s heard something bad is happening in the Asp district. Undead attacking and dragging citizens off.

She asks us carry a letter to the Grand Mausoleum asking for more holy symbols and holy water. As she asks us, a ghostly figure steps through the gates and reaches out towards Bal Themm.


  • 1 x Raging Shade (Shadow) – Reach of 10 ft (CR4) – 200 xp each
  • Save Bal – (CR1) – 65 each

Defeating the shade, rallies the guards. She gave us a wand of cure light as reward. We head towards the Grand Mausoleum.

The Grand Mausoleum is the center for the resistance against the undead rising.

Sebte, the Crocodile, is directing the action. We bring the missive to her and she sends people to collect the items for us to return.

We ask about what’s going on in the Asp district. Possible source of the pulse. Rogue sorceress? Maybe, but we should investigate if we have the time.

Harish mentions that the Belten has been struck by an mummy. If we help the temple, they will help him before morning time.

Kephraim asks about Ptenimb. He has not reported in. She will investigate.

We head back to the gate to the Necropolis to deliver the supplies. As we make our way back, we see a Ochre Jelly near the gate and engage it.


  • 1 x Ochre Jelly (CR5) – 265 each
  • Deliver the goods (CR3) – 135 each

We then give Bal Thamm the goods she requested. She gives us a sack of jewels and money she raised from the locals.

We then head for the Asp district. Not far along the way, we see something going on at the courthouse. There are bodies outside. One of the bodies is missing an eye. Signs of restraint. We recall at one point, centuries ago, punishment was of two forms – death or removing an eye.

Combat by Trial

  • 8 x Skeleton (CR1/2) = 35 * 8 = 280 xp each
  • 1 x Magistrate Sotenrae – “Old Eye Taker” – Blood Dread Skeleton – (Heal; Immune to Cold) – (CR3) – 135 xp each

Cassandra defends and Harish prosecutes. She wins.

The Magistrate upon rendering his judgement collapses into dust along with the skeleton bailiffs. There is magic loot here.

We escort the woman that was on trial back to the Grand Mausoleum.

We hear that some other priests have not been seen – Nakht and Shep Ses – they were out looking into the source of the pulse.

Cassandra relays that we have not seen any of the Cult of the Forgotten One.

We head back to the Asp district to find the cornered sorceress. A bunch of angry locals are surrounding a sorceress – Bandu.

We use diplomatic and intimidation tactics as we move into the crowd. We get to Bandu. Cassandra lets her know the facts of the situation in decorous way. We convince her to let us put him down.

Kephraim coup de grace the zombie husband.


  • 1 x Bandu and her Zombie Husband – CR4 – 200 each
  • 7 x Farmers (CR 1/2) = 35 × 7 = 245 xp each

We head back to the Grand Mausoleum to report in. On the way back, when we hear a scream and see a woman being attacked by zombies. Before we can intervene and then three hideous amalgams of bear and crocodiles attack them zombies.


  • 3 x Pychopomps – Esobok’s (CR3) – 135 × 3 = 405 each

They dissipated like summoned creatures. We aren’t able to find any discernible tracks.

We heal up and escort the woman back to the Grand Mausoleum.

We tell the High Priestess Sebte. We tell her about the Pychpomps and she’s upset.

Before we rest the High Priestess will try to cure Belten of his Mummy Rot and succeeds.

We find a place to rest for the night. We level to 5th level.

Day 33

Kephraim asks about Ptenimb and still no sign. The clerics are getting worried.

We ask about the district the Cassandra’s “friend” is in – the Vanes. We head to that district. Crossing the wooden bridge into the district, something dive bombs into Harish’s face and is squaking in two dozen languages. Harish deciphers what it is saying – it is a friend of Ptmenib – he is in danger – he needs help and it has to do with Silver Chain. Belten calms her down.

Qasizn – she is Ptmenib’s best friend – tells us how he was tracking down the Silver Chain and was captured. She can ‘feel’ where he is, he’s not dead yet and starts to leads us to where he is.

She leads us to Bright River Brick Works. There are two ‘city guards’ there. After a dialogue a melee ensues.


  • 2 x Guards (CR 2) = 100 × 2 = 200 each

We go through a cleverly disguised door (made to look boarded up). We head down some stairs. At the bottom, Cassandra detects a pit trap.


  • CR3 – Camouflaged Pit Trap = 135 xp each

We head in the direction Qasizn detects Ptemnib is in.

Inside the Dormitory room, we find a brick with a amulet of natural armor +1 in it.

We come to a room with 4 wells and Qasizn flies over to one and down into it. “I found you, I found you” We rescue Ptemnib from the bottom (Char goes down and heals him up).

He knows there is most activity in the next room. Cassandra lends him a holy symbol of Pharasma.

We enter the room and blurb and a fight ensues.


  • 1 x Leader Type – Cult of the Forgotten Ones (CR3) = 135 xp
  • 4 x Thugs – Cult of the Forgotten Ones (CR2) = 100 * 4 = 400 xp

We then loot them and the room. There is a large chest in the room and the key to the chest.

Session XP

  • 1 x Raging Shade (Shadow) – Reach of 10 ft (CR4) – 200 xp each
  • Save Bal – (CR1) – 65 each
  • 1 x Ochre Jelly (CR5) – 265 each
  • Deliver the goods (CR3) – 135 each
  • 8 x Skeleton (CR1/2) = 35 * 8 = 280 xp each
  • 1 x Magistrate Sotenrae – “Old Eye Taker” – Blood Dread Skeleton – (Heal; Immune to Cold) – (CR3) – 135 xp each
  • 1 x Bandu and her Zombie Husband – CR4 – 200 each
  • 7 x Farmers (CR 1/2) = 35 × 7 = 245 xp each
  • 2 x Guards (CR 2) = 100 × 2 = 200 each
  • CR3 – Camouflaged Pit Trap = 135 xp each
  • 1 x Leader Type – Cult of the Forgotten Ones (CR3) = 135 xp
  • 4 x Thugs – Cult of the Forgotten Ones (CR2) = 100 * 4 = 400 xp
Session 8

Day 20

We have 13 days of downtime until the auction (Day 33)

Downtime Happens (Day 20 to Day 32)

Some things happen for each party member.

Day 27 – Kephraim – Mock Battle – Won a point of Influence
Day 29 – Kephraim – Relaxing at a tavern – drinking contest – Gained 1 influence – +10 bonus on next check to generate capital

The Four Lanterns – Group that will be selling and buying stuff at the auction. Sarcophagus

Day 31 – Kephraim – Gave discourse on differences of undead and things that look undead – Next 8 days gain +10 on next check to generate capital

Day 32 – The Auction at the Cunning Jackal


  • Silverchain Gang ran a scam
  • Khammayid – spend money on liquor and women
  • Pharoaoh to increase tarriff on foreign travelers (beyond sister cities)
  • Mumia protects you from mummy rot?
  • Not seeing any of the guys in the masks tonight – Followers of the Forgotten One

Patrons that arrive -

  • Baketra – one of Watis’ richest and most distinguished gourmet – The Funerary Mask
  • Basif Iosep – Half Elf Male – Wealthy coffee merchant and document collector – Scroll Collection
  • Djat -Temple of Nethys Rep – Unique magic items and lost temple records – Scroll Collection
  • Intef – Sanctum of Silver and Gold (Abadar) – Unique magic items and lost temple records – Scroll Collection
  • Four Lanterns – Adventuer’s Group
  • Khammayid – Scion of Noble Varisian family – expensive weapons – The Light Chariot
  • Manat – Female Human Aristocrat – Rep of Merchant House – Furniture, Houseware’s and potery
  • Maru Meshhoten – Aging dowager – jewelry, clothing and scandalous books and scrolls – The Funerary Mask?
  • Namaru Meshhoten – Grand-daughter – jewelry, clothing and scandalous books and scrolls – The Funerary Mask?
  • Menya, the Whip – Armor smith – looking for curious centerpiece for his shop – The Light Chariot

Sell Scrolls 105%

  • Djat (Kephraim)
  • Maru (Nefara)
  • Manat (Cassandra)
  • Intef (Beltan)
  • Basif (Harish and Char)

Sell +1 Quarterstaff (2300 * 1) = 2300

  • Kham (Easy) – Char (failed) – Harish (success)
  • Menya (Easy) – Kephraim (failed) – Beltan (success)
  • Djat (Moderate) – Nefara (success)
  • Intef (Moderate) – Cassandra (success)

Buy +1 Falchion (2375 * .8) – 1900

  • Easy
    • Menya – Harish (success)
    • Kham – Cassandra (success)

Buy Ring of Sustenance (2500 * .8)

  • Intef – Nefara (with Char) – success
  • Djat – Cassandra (with Kephraim) – success
  • Wizard from 4 Lanterns – Harish – success

Selling Chariot (600 * .95)

  • Easy
    • Menya – Harish ( success)
    • Kham – Nefara (success)
    • #3 – Cassandra (success)
  • Moderate
    • #1
  • Hard
    • #1
    • #2
    • #3
    • #4

Selling Funerary Mask (500 * .95)

  • Easy
    • #1 – success
    • #2 – success
    • #3 – success
  • Medium
    • #1
    • #2
    • #3
  • Hard
    • #1
    • #2

Buy +1 small scimitar (2315 * .8) – 1852

  • Easy
    • Kham – Nefara (success)

Kephraim talks with Ptemnib – he is following a lead on a Silverchain member.

As the auction comes to an end, a chill permeates the air. A pounding starts hitting the front door. A servant opens the door and a zombie attacks him.


  • 15 x Dead Zombies (CR 1/2)
  • 1 x Thief Hand Swarm (CR 4)
  • 4 x Thief Hands (CR 1/2)
  • 1 x Female Mummy (CR 5)
  • Obelisks almost toppling – (CR2)
  • Cassandra talking us up (3) – Add to Fame/Fortune

Pillar of Second Thoughts – Hands Wiggling of the thieves

After the fighting, we ensure there is nothing in the other room.

The Lanterns’ Wizard is retiring. In thanks, he will give us his equipment.

We will go to the Tooth and Hooka (our inn) to make sure it is secured (then maybe on to the Temple of Pharasma to consult on where we can best help out).

We are personally thanked by the dowager and the whip and after things calm down, then we should seek them out for recompense.

As we leave, some of the screams are only 2 blocks away. We head to them. Char scouts ahead and find some humanoid zombies and a zombie horse that are trying to break into homes.


  • 5 x Zombies (CR 1/2) 5 * 35 = 175 xp
  • 1 x Zombie Horse (CR2) = 100 xp

We investigate the broken cart. In a secret compartments, bag of jewelry.

We then head on to the Tooth and Hookah. Along the way we see a gang of toughs looting. Cassandra uses diplomacy to attempt to diffuse the situation and gets them to disperse.

Batep – the shop keeper they were – seer’s tea (2 doses)

Gang of Toughs

  • 8 x (CR1/2) 35 = 280

We get to the tooth and hookah. The people staying there are getting ready to defend themselves. They are afraid and have seen zombies and shades of some sort. There are some Pharasman Guards drinking heavily. We attempt to calm them down. There is no one guarding the gate near the Needle.

The walls of the Necropolis have divine seals that are supposed to prevent the undead from crossing. The effect raising the undead is possibly suppressing that.

We will go to the gate to secure it and then on to the Temple of Pharasma to find a high level cleric to discuss the seals with.

Session XP

  • Downtime
    • 7 x CR3 (135) = 945
    • 5 x CR4 (200) = 1000
    • 1 x CR5 (265) = 265
    • 4 x CR4 (at half) (200 * .5 = 100) = 400
    • 1 x CR5 (at half) (265 * .5 = 133) = 133
  • Combat in the Cunning Jackal
    • 15 x Dead Zombies (CR 1/2) 35 * 15 = 525 xp
    • 1 x Thief Hand Swarm (CR 4) 200 xp
    • 4 x Thief Hands (CR 1/2) = 35 * 4 = 140 xp
    • 1 x Female Mummy (CR 5) = 265 xp
    • Obelisks almost toppling – (CR2) = 100 xp
  • Combat in the Streets
    • 5 x Zombies (CR 1/2) 5 * 35 = 175 xp
    • 1 x Zombie Horse (CR2) = 100 xp
  • Gang of Toughs
    • 8 x (CR1/2) 35 = 280
Session 7

Day 18 (continued)

Cassandra and the group investigate the secret door. There is a smallish room.

Stone effigy stands in the room. The figures face is devoid of detail. Hieroglyphics cover the wall. Harish knows this was the room from his dream and the statue had the mask.

Kephraim looks at the tracks and determines the bleeding guy was a medium humanoid. It was here probably yesterday. We decide to search the complex for clues before trying to track down the ‘thief’.

Cassandra and Kephraim start to search the room and something slithers out from behind the statue to attack the group.


  • 1 x Necrophidius – (Humanoid head – snake body) – construct (CR3)

Cassandra deciphers the hieroglyphics. “Woe to you who would plunder the Reliquary of the Thrice Divided Soul, turn away less the harsh judgement of the Forgotten One fall upon you and your descendants for thousands of generations. Turn away for his Ka can not be appeased and it it shall call forth legions of the dead and the damned. Turn away and may the All Seeing Eye and the Lady of Graves take pity on you for if not the Forgotten Pharaoh shall consume you body and soul.”

Ka is one component of the parts of the soul – the vital spark – that which divides the living from the dead. 5 parts. (

There is a fine lair of dust on the effigy, but the head is not dusted. At the base, there are magical inscriptions – discharged glyph of warding. The entire room has a dim aura of magic.

We head for the fountain room. The fountain is magic as we had previous found. We find a secret door without traps – we find a 5’ by 5’ chamber. There is a humanoid carving – small sized – keystone.

There are two other doors we have not searched beyond.

We take the one further from the entrance. This is where the skeleton champion was patrolling from. There is a shrine in here. Lacuquered cabinet with a golden chalice inside.

We head for the last door and use the keys to enter. It is a catacomb. There are two columns carved with men with khoepeshes – there are sepulchers in niches.

Careful search reveals three seals sarcophagus. In one of them, we find a secret vault in one and recover a chest with some loot in it. We recover funerary masks as well.

We return to the first level and continue searching for information. We come to a library and spend a day to collect the books into a collection (worth something).

Just as Cassandra finds a secret panel – a spectral hand reaches out and attack Kephraim.

A large giant temple is in the room next room over.


  • 1 x Aghash Div (CR4) – 200 each
  • 1 x Guardian Scroll – construct (CR3) – 135 each

Inside a secret panel –
3 Scrolls
1 Wand – Lesser Restoration (10 charges)
1 scroll – rises up and strikes at Cassandra

The fountain adds to Abjuration for 24 hours.

We fight the Div off.

Magic Tablet of Languages Lost – Inscribed with vow of fealty to the Padisha Emperor of Khelish – Ancient Osirian, Khelish, and Osirian. 1/day – command word – read and understand any written text as if comprehend language for 30 minutes. In addition, if it’s at hand, +3 on Linguistic texts. Finally, if the owner knows at least one language can translate the other languages without needing training in Linguistics.

Non-Magic Tablet – Written in Ancient Osirian Hieroglphics – Royal Degree of Djederet – By royal order of Pharoh Djederet II, the high priest of our blessed temple shall take this relic to our new city where the Asp and the Crook join and ensure it is never discovered. Treat it with reverence, but conceal it with your most trusted secrets and valuable treasures. Do not attempt it’s destruction, do not be tempted by it’s powers. Let our scandal remain forgotten until this obscenity can be undone."

Pharaoh Djederet II – Was the Pharaoh around -1600 AR – The city was Wati and he was the Pharaoh to found Wati. On this tablet, is a magical symbol that is a mark used by the Osirian priest of Nethys to denote important documents.

We search the rest of the area and find some undead priests (CR2) -


  • 2 x Hekuvah – CR2 – 135 × 2 = 270 each

Bonus XP for Clearing Temple

Silver Dagger
Chalice – 30 gp

We return to the main part of town and with the notes that Kephraim took, the temple of Pharasma will grant a 50% discount to help remove the curses.

Day 19

We take a day to organize the library and we leave

Session XP

  • 1 x Necrophidius – (Humanoid head – snake body) – construct (CR3) – 135 each
  • 1 x Guardian Scroll – construct (CR3) – 135 each
  • 1 x Aghash Div (CR4) – 200 each
  • 2 x Hekuvah – CR2 – 135 × 2 = 270 each
  • Bonus XP for Clearing Temple – 265 each
Session 6

Day 17 (continues)

We get down to the bottom to an octagonal room. Cassandra picks the lock on the bronze gate and opens it. She notes that the lock was picked before her.

The statue in the next room animates and starts moving forward aggressively.


  • 1 x Graven Guardian (CR5)
  • 1 x Skeleton Champion (CR4)


  • Magic Staff
  • Magic Spear
  • Mithril Shirt
  • Set of Keys
  • Holy Symbol of Nethys

We check the doors to west. Cassandra unlocks the doors using the keys we took from the Skeleton Champion. There is a set of skeleton foot prints going back and forth. Possibly the skeleton champion was patrolling. We close and lock those doors. We look around through the eastern doors and decide to go that way.

Char tracks some living creatures to the south. We come to a locked gate and Char notices someone lurking behind a pillar.


  • Azaz (CR1) 65 each
  • Khelru (CR2) 100 each
  • Idorii(CR2) 100 each
  • Velriana Hypaxes (CR3) 135 each

Hieroglyphics in the dais pool – “The Pool of Destruction” – Granted a minor blessing.

We defeat the group through force of arms and trickery and deceit.

Their is a sarcophagus with a trap. According to Idorii, the droplets of blood weren’t from them.

We truss up the two unconscious ones and blind fold them.


  • Glyph Trap (CR5) 265 each

The hierglyphics indicate the name the founder of the temple of the erudite as DJedihepit. About 6000 years ago was buried. Friend to the Pharaoh.

We loot the people and the the sarcophagus.

We rest. During second watch – a zombie start breaking one of the doors.


  • 1 x Coffer Corpse (CR3) 135 each

We destroy it and go back to resting.

Day 18

We start exploring the rest of the level. There are two Carytid columns.


  • 2 x Carytid Columns (CR3) 270 xp

The special funerary mask is not in the room. Bah!

As the fight ended, Cassandra noticed a partially open secret door down the hall.

Session XP

  • 1 x Graven Guardian (CR5) 265 each
  • 1 x Skeleton Champion (CR4) 200 each
  • Azaz (CR1) 65 each
  • Khelru (CR2) 100 each
  • Idorii(CR2) 100 each
  • Velriana Hypaxes (CR3) 135 each
  • Glyph Trap (CR5) 265 each
  • 1 x Coffer Corpse (CR3) 135 each
  • 2 x Carytid Columns (CR3) 270 xp
Session 5

Day 15 Continued

NOTE: Next drawing is in 2 day (Day 17)
NOTE: Room and Food paid for through Day 18

Dolf’s group had been killed by ghouls. One of his party was a Gnome Hydromancer. Turns out he lived (Toby’s character – Shoal)

The party is on their way back to the House of Pentheru when we hear a disturbance. It is an unfinished crypt. Swarming out of one of the unfinished areas is


  • 4 x ghouls (CR1 x 4) (65 xp each)
  • Pit trap (CR1 x 1) (65 xp each)
  • Scarab Swarm (CR3 x 1) 135xp

We recruit Shoal to join us and register him with the local guards then head into the tombs of House of Petheru.

In the first room is a dais with a mummy on it. Possibly an Adherer (Humanoid) – gluish.


  • 1 x Adherer (CR3)

We loot the room and find some small gear. Beyond the room are stairs that are trapped. At the bottom of the stairs is a preparation room.

There is an exit to the north and an exit to the east. We circle through the northern area and then to the eastern area – an unfinished set of crypts. Swarming out of tone of the unfinished crypts is a mummified cat swarm.


  • 1 x Mummified cat swarm (CR 2)

Beyond the locked doors to the south, is a tomb.

There is a sarcophagus. Four torch holders (one in each corner). No traps in the room. Hierglyphics tell the story of Petheru the younger.

Inside the sarcophagus has a body and a small cat mummy (magical). An effect goes off and Shoal and the beatle are frightened and run off.

Reward XP

  • 200 xp each for finishing searching the area

We travel back to our hotel. It is evening of day 15.

Day 16

We have leveled to 3. Some of the party gather information (rumours):

  • The adventuring groups are down to about 1/3 of the original pool.
  • Prominent merchant family lady attacked her maid and ran off into the night
    • Every 2-3 weeks some one goes missing (from relative wealthy family)
  • Beltan is tracking down a missing person. Gates of the Necropolis – guard say he ran past him with a funny look on his face.

Some of the party goes with Cassandra (Harish and Dolf) to sell the loot. Alot of the other groups are also selling which is depressing the market. Cassandra tries to negoatiate (CR1).

Day 17 – Day of the third drawing

Dolf is recruited to another team. Kephraim has returned to the city through the graces Kira Bones and the great Surkin.

We draw the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye (Temple of Nethys). Hmm. The Scorched Hand is not here for a drawing.

Cassandra inquires with the guards if the Scorched Hand had gone in. This shift of the guards have
not. She files a report the guards that the Scorched Hand might be trying to claim jump.

On the way to the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye, we are ambushed by mercenaries.


  • 10 x Mercs (1/2 CR x 10) 35 each = 350 xp

We fight them off and resuscitate one of them to question. They were hired to ambush anyone heading for the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye. We let him go after.

We make it 4 more blocks and come to the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye.

Ceilings will 15 ft high (unless otherwise noted).

In the entrance are the bodies of several jackals. They were killed by various means. As we enter the area, we get ambushed.


  • 2 x jackal corpse body creature – zombie (CR 2) x 2 = 200 xp

These were recently created undead (needed 12th level caster).

We notice some recent tracks heading north – several booted feet. We head that way and spot a zombie patrolling an area and hear more beyond. We set up an ambush for the zombies.


  • 10 x Zombies (CR 1/2) x 35 = 350 xp
  • 1 x Ahkhat (CR 4) = 200 xp

While fighting the zombies, a wall animates (Akhat, spirit of the building) starts attacking us. We defeat them and the Akhat. We detect a magical necromatic effect affecting the facility. It’s fading and will probably be gone within a week or two.

Beyond the cubicle area (with zombies) is a chamber with lesser clerical chambers.

One of the doors has hieroglyphics that say “High Priest Only”. We see there are tracks heading to these doors. Cassandra picks the locks after checking for traps and we head into a new area.

The next room has 2 doors and the tracks leads to one door. There is some blood near it. Beyond that door is a short hallway that has some blood stains in it. Cassandra finds a trap – it was tampered with and reset.

  • CR4 – Trap (200 xp)

Beyond the doors – hieroglyphics about Nethys. Footprints heading north. Beyond the next door is a corridor with stairs down. Cassandra is searching for traps.

Session XP

  • 4 x ghoul; pit trap; scarab swarm= 460 xp
  • 1 x Adherer (CR3) = 135 xp
  • 1 x Stair Trap (CR3) = 135 xp
  • 1 x Mummified cat swarm (CR2) = 100 xp
  • finishing searching the area – 200 xp
  • CR1 from negotiations to sell (65 xp)
  • 10 x Mercs (1/2 CR x 10) 35 each = 350 xp
  • 2 x jackal corpse body creature – zombie (CR 2) x 2 = 200 xp
  • 10 x Zombies (CR 1/2) x 35 = 350 xp
  • 1 x Ahkhat (CR 4) = 200 xp
  • CR4 – Trap (200 xp)
session 4.2
upstairs of the scarry haunted house

Back into the scarry haunted house.
Up the stairs and combat ensues,,,, odd looking floating Varguals Heads that paralize Char and Belten .. one skull tries to kill Char and the crocodile get bite attack grabs the head and crushes it to paste..
If the Vargouille can attack person that is helpless they can start a process to turn person into another Vargouille.
A few rounds later Belten yells that something bite him again seem the creature from down stairs is back. The Second head dies … now its a fight of stealth vs darn Daru Div dr 10 cold iron or good, wis poison, some inate spells and invis at will. The Div uses sugestion on Rigor causing him to run outside open a silo door releasing the swarm. Rigor runs back in and closes the outside door..Nefara uses channels to cause damage to the Div. Using test of will and miss step of the Daru Div the Casandra gets the Daru Div snared with and attack then the nice crocodie gets a bite attack – grabbing the Div this starts the down hill spiral of the Daru Div.
Belten enchants the + 1 dagger with planar reducing the dr by 5 .. dagger 1d4 + 2 damage Daru Divs DR is 10 to start. and few rounds working on the Daru Div ,, Casandra ties it up. Belton switchs to fire on dagger .. the Div is finnaly dead.

We search the entire upstairs finding of note cursed headband “when person dies head pops off and you become Vargouille” some sort of eye cream that gives low-light vision, +2 saves vs gaze attacks and other stuff lasts for 1 hour .. the item has 5 uses" Casandra wants to hold onto it till she can figure it out and make more.

X2 Vargouille .. are odd creatures vs helpless creatures they can use powers to create more Vargouille.
x1 Daru Div
Gain 605 xp and 153 gp 8 silver
Found diffrent items and a magical head band that was not ided yet.
Took 1 day out and 1 day back .. 1 down time day
Items crafted to help out with the traps in the house and crypt.

Down time activities xp awards 500

Session 4
Into the scarry haunted house.

Here we go into the scarry haunted house.
The party decides to enter from the side with the Tomb…
The spirit maid seems very scared and agitated.
This seams to be an inner court yard. The floor is covered in sand, light is comming in from the open ceiling. After the beetle digs up what Belton discovered using sift.
From the center area we see the following a inner court yard, a dinning room, a room with stairs leading up and accross the inner court we see what looks like a shrine..

Dinning room has silver plate with bowls cups or candles with skulls on top all looking into the area the party is at.
Room with stairs going up has alot of junk on the floor.
Tinny Small room looks like a shrine room.

The spirit of the house vanishes and comes back as a sand form spirit. Talk in sues.

We move towards the dinning room and the skulls rise up and shoot towards the party. Combat starts.
Little ghost girl calls this way running towards the part saying this way then vanishes. 6 skeletons come walking down the hall from the area of the other enterance..
Spirit of the house joins combat as a sand elemental .. aura of sleep and has sleep rider on hits.

Through the use of timming and whip hits from Nefara we win.. 6 skulls 6 skeletons 1 sand elemental.

We find 6 silver goblets 6 silver plate cant figure price but we think they are relics.
6 broken kopeshes 6 suites armor from skeletons

In kitchen find skeleton that does not move there is a Pitted and rusted dagger in its ribbs.

In the Shrine room dedicated to abadar , pharasma and sarenray. this is defaced with dung use prestidigetation on it and feel better.

Room atrium there is outer square of tile and sand in the middle we find size cold iron bolts(5) bolts(10) small scale mail +1"Char" takes, small light crossbow +1

Room Privie skeleton with out head sits in the privie.

Room with very big bath in the floor but has sands in it. The spigots is magical provide hot and cold water. would need craft wounderous to remove the spigots

Fourur room seems to be place that the skeletons were at.
Sounds of whisper little girl seems afraid of something comming. Reliegon says its a haunt.
Enturn the guards might stop the haunt.

Stairs going up. room has alot of broken pots and stuff and an engraved ring touching the ring starts a haunt. Ring protection (+1) We figure the haunt is in the room.

6 skeletons killed and sand elemental. some invisible creature that poisons was in the fight but it got away.

Gain 635 xp for the encounter. Split 267 gp 5 sp
1 day out to the site 1 day of down time.
Ragnor II and Casandra find armor maker Tabor that can make unusual size armors.
Char makes 2gp 8 silver but has encounter with gnoll on a hourse costs 40 gold pay out for the encounter.

Session 3

Additions: It is Day 8 today. Day 10 is the next drawing for the next. There is a giant wasp swarm in a body in the entrance to this tomb.

It is noon. As we exit the tomb, a wandering patrol of Pharasman priests. They ask for copies of my maps and notes. We go over the three rules. We let them know about the “Amethyst Dragon” tried to blackmail us and steal our treasures.

Belten feeds us some mead (grants us Endure Elements) before we track back.

Back we get back to the inn and Ragnar II is there, another of us our friends.

Down time

  • Harish and Ragnar – No plans – rumour gathering
    • Tomorrow night the Tooth and Hooka will host a bunch of adventuring groups for a party.
    • Shriek from upstairs – thief in our room -
  • Char – 1/2 day working with animal on trick
    • Attracts an audience -
  • Belten – Finding a carpenter – Helped with door
    • Granted two capital goods from shop owner
    • Carpenter named Jonah – willing to take on hazard
  • Cassandra (w/ Nefara) – Working with her “Contact”
    • City Watch happens by – rounded up – Precinct of Left Eyes – Judge of old – Old Eye Taker
  • Kephraim – Makes copies of my maps and notes and deliver them to the Grand Mausoleum
    • Conversation with a cleric of Pharasma – Ptemenib – Voices of the Spire (militant arm) – 2nd in command – Established as a contact -

Day 9

The next morning, the watch showed up at the Inn and Belten comes down to claim Cassandra and Nefara. The party heads to the tomb with the carpenter and the hirelings. Ragnar tries to make nice with the wasp swarm, but is not successful. We get into a fight with the swarm.


  • Giant Wasp Swarm (CR2)

We set up the block and tackle and recover the tapestries and the light chariot. As evening approaches, we have recovered everything and are heading back. On the way, we are ambushed by dark mantles.


  • 7 x Darkmantles (CR 1 × 7)

Kephraim died during the fight. Hmm. This is a novel experience.
Gordon the Gecko died as well.

Day 10

This is Dolf. I’m taking over the journal for a bit. I’m not as loquacious.

The drawing occurs – House of Pentheru

The party ships off Kephraim’s body back to the family to have him resurrected.

Party Split – 280 gp 4 silver

Day 11

Heading to House of Pentheru.


  • 1 x Haunt (CR2
  • 1 x Giant Centipede (Large) cr3
  • 1 x Death Dog cr2

During the fight, the house spirit introduces itself (harem looking girl) to Harish.

After we finish the fight, the hour spirit conveys the following. An evil has moved in to the place. In the middle courtyard is a maleficent spirit of sand and the previous occupants have turned to skeletons.

Checking the Death Dog’s area, we find some things.

As we move along, Cassandra notices a giant asp under the table snoozing. Char uses some rats and wild empathy to keep it from attacking.

In the servants room are 3 skeletons. We set up an ambush on them.


  • 3 x Skeletons cr1/3

We search the other side – the family mausoleum is here. Crypt of the House of Pentheru. There are stairs down into the darkness – we find tracks back and forth – medium sized – and recent.

The hole – there are traces of blood and flesh. We decide to explore the central first floor before doing down into the ground.

Session XP

  • Giant Wasp Swarm (CR2)100 each)
  • 7 x Darkmantles (CR 1 × 7) (65 each)
  • 1 x Haunt (CR2) 100 each)
  • 1 x Giant Centipede (Large) cr3 (135 each)
  • 1 x Death Dog cr2 (100 each)
  • 3 x Skeletons cr1/3 (25 each)
  • Total is 916 xp each

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