Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 21

We plan to fly up to the worked stone with a tent on the level with the pyramid and land and fight off the exterior guards (Cultists and Desert Giants).

Coming around the corner we see a giant half woman/half snake creature and two cultists.


  • 1 x Lamia Matriarch (CR12)
  • 11 x Cultists
  • 1 x Desert Giant
  • 2 x Lamia

Down below is a sphinx that is frozen. Cassandra jumps off the wasp and checks her out. Sepia Snake sigil – in stasis. She uses some potions to heal the sphinx. She heals her up some before removing her from the stasis. She’s a gynosphinx.

Tetisoraw – her name. She is the guardian of the tomb of Chesirak. We all head to where the cultists have ‘desecrated’ tomb. The ante chamber has been looted. Down a corridor, a boulder trap is triggered.

One room has plunder/cargo (heavy stuff).

Ungents of Timelessness x 3 we left them behind.

Beyond the rubble is a room with an empty sarcophagus and a construct.

Cassandra turns invisible and searches the room and finds a secret door behind the construct and Cassandra investigates beyond. She picks a very difficult lock and opens the door at the end of the corridor. A construct inside activates and becomes a whirling wall of blades.

Seijen Wu hears this and steps into the first room and triggers the first construct.

Session 20

After ‘buying’ some slaves from the Gnolls, we start a fight with them.


  • 4 x Gnoll (CR5)
  • 4 x Hyenas

The slaves (12) are fatigued so we will need to take a rest and then Harish will use Phantom Chariots so we can travel to City of Ipeq to release the slaves. it will take slightly over a day to get there. Along the way, we have an encounter.


  • 1 x Scorpion Dryder Thing (CR8)
  • 1 x Large Scorpion

We continue on wards Ipeq and arrive. Seijen Wu gives each of the slaves 5 gp each and sends them on their way.

Take a day to sell and the split is 863.5

We then head back to the area we are searching and search the hex.

Hex 2 – We find and old camp site. 3 people all man sized. Had weapons. They were headed north west.

Hex 3 – Rocky planes scoured clean by sand storms. We hear pipes that constantly repeats themselves. We come to a large sink hole. At the bottom is a Behir.


  • 1 x Behir (CRx)

Hex H – Lair of the Behir
Hex G – Lesser creature. Giant Death Worm
Hex I – Colony of Basilisk’s lair there
Hex L – Large, highest peak – giant bird
Hex O – Sand Kraken

Humans to the north east.
Scorpion Woman – Not sure what she is.

each hex explored = 100 xp each

Hex 4 – Statue of a man with a cloak of flowers. Razen Anusep. Noted traveler and explorer. In the area are the remains of the town. Nothing of value there. Archaeological site.

Hex 5 – Brief, but intense Thunderstorm. We avoid flash flood. (CR3)

Hex 6 – (Mountainous) – A farm in the distances – terraced – it’s larger than normal. Desert Giants.

Hex 7 – (Mountainous) – Nice scenic spot. Prismactic view during sun rise. +1 to our next d20 roll.

Hex 8 – (Mountainous) (Hex L) – Spire with an aerie around a sea going galley. Giant bird circling above. We head towards the spire.


  • 1 x Roc (CR9)

From the Aerie, we can see further north (in the square we had been in) appears to be a vaguely hexagonal mound. We camp the night then finish searching the hex the next day. We level that night.

We head back to Hex 7 (Letter M).

Hex 7 – Hexagonal mound – 6 hexagon’s combined. We are 200 ft away when we hear buzzing.

Combat – Scared them away

  • 5 x Bee Women
  • 2 x Large Bees

Hex 9 – Burial Mask

The Valley

Hex 10 – Valley with steep ridges – tracks of humanoid coming in and out – some of which are large sized

Coming in over the ridge line, we see a pyramid down in the valley. We spot some cultists in the valley. We see a Desert Giant and more cultists. We circle around and enter a back cave.


  • 1 x Armored Snake (CR11)

The cave is adorned in heiroglyphics. It depicts the construction of the pyramid. It shows sphinxes with human heads helping in the construction. There is a spring at the back of the cave.

Session 19

Party Split: 4509.5
Party Split: 1439.5
Party Split: 3324.65

XP Gained: 8540
XP Gained: 3470

Into the desert to find the tomb of the Sky Pharoah’s tomb architect

Session 18

Day 85 – Exploring the Dark Repository

  • 450 ft shaft down below the sewers
  • Many traps
    • 1 x trap (CR7)
    • 1 x bone golem (CR8)
    • 1 x flame strike trap (CR6)
  • Library
  • Room of Sarcophagus of Currator’s that dug too deep into the forbidden
    • Pile of Metal Tablets (55 lbs)
      • 3 x Scrolls
    • 1 Sarcophagus is from a Currator that investigated too deep on the Sky Pharaoph
      • 1 x Mummy Golem (CR7)
    • Past the illusionary trap – is a maze like room
      • 5 x Shadow Mastiffs (CR5)
    • Magic Scrolls
      • 1x Animate Dead; 1 x Contagion; 1 x Ray of Exhaustion; 1 x Symbol of Pain
    • 1 x Zelikot (centaur like)
      After Rick left:
      Another Glyph trap Cr 7
      Bullet Cr 7
      Cultists Cr 5
      Total xp for session: 9000.
Session 17

Day 75 (Cont)

Harish identifies them as Animated objects – not golems. They are armed with Khopesh and Shields.


  • 2 x Animated Statues (CR4)

We quickly destroy them and press on into the next room. Harish recover 2 MW Khopesh’s.

The next room is the Burial Chamber.


  • 1 x Mummy Rider (CR7)
  • 1 x Hierospynx Mount (CR4)
  • 1 x Undead Bard (CR5)
  • 1 x Undead Dancer (CR5)

We win and loot the place.


  • 1 x Burning Skeletons (CR4)


  • 1 x Scarab Swarm (CR3)

Day 76

  • Haul the loot out and pack it up.
  • Cassandra started crafting First Aid Gloves.

Day 77

  • Head Back

Day 78 (Evening)

  • Arrive back at town
  • Cassandra completes the crafting of the First Aid Gloves.

Day 79

  • Sell loot
  • Cassandra starts working on Harish’s +4 Int Headband with Swim and Fly (8 days) (Day 87)
  • Rumor – Munificient Muminofra is coming to town – Female

Day 80

  • Day of our appointment with the Deka Ankeret (governor)
  • She will see us today. We have the audience and she will not let us enter the Spiral Archive.
  • A messenger slave comes in with a ‘invitation’ from Muminofra for the governor. After Deka leaves, we talk with the slave and get in invitation to visit with Muminofra.
  • We make a good impresssion (50+ diplomacy)
  • Beltan and Harish draw her attention.

Day 81-83 Spiral Archive

CR 7 Befriending the female researcher and bypassing the Invisible Stalkers
CR 7 Decoding the Spiral Archive

Day 84 The Great Chariot Race!

CR 11 Award for winning

XP Awarded: 5200

Session 16

Day 71 (Night)

As the animated dream faded upon defeat, it’s image burns onto the wall. The Inn Keeper and some others come to the door and inquire about what happened. The murmur about the ‘Stalker’. Over time, word spreads throughout the neighborhood. It had been stalking the neighborhood for months including children and leaving people mindless husks.

The party gets most of this information from a priest that had been hunting the Stalker for weeks. The priest is an out of towner (Seijen Wu – Rick’s character).

An all night party starts by the neighborhood. Kephraim’s body is laid out and they bring fronds and start collecting to help raise Kephraim. They will do this over the next week.

The next step for the library is to gain access to the Spiral Archive. Turns out that Seijen Wu has been granted access by the governor.

Day 72

The party and the priest head to the library to enter the Spiral Archive. Seijen Wu is on the list for access, but the rest of the party is not. We’ll need to secure permission from the governor for the rest of the group.

Hatia Deca An-Kharet is the governer. We head to meet with her.

Deaconess Sekek is her secretary. She’ll get us in to see the Hatia tomorrow, but we’ve already paid for entrance today. We convince her to get a refund for today.

Seijen Wu relays his experiences so far in the

Spiral Archive Library

  • KN: History, Nobility, Religion are the key skills for it.
  • Acrobatics (DC 10) are needed for moving around in the library. (1/day)

The party spends a day of downtime gathering information.

  • Seijen Wu hears of rumors of a pyramid that was recently uncleared by the sand to the west.
  • Harish researches Invisible Stalkers.
  • Nefara learns more about the pyramid. It’s fairly close. 2 days travel by camel.
  • Nefara learns of cultists operating at night.

Day 73

The next day Deaconess Sekek says the Hakia cannot see us today. We schedule an appointment for next week as we are going to the pyramid. We did get the sense we might be getting a bit of beareaucratic run around.

We head off into the desert.

Cassandra hired 5 (2nd level warriors) and bought 11 camels.

Day 74 (Evening)

We arrive at the newly uncovered pyramid. There was a campsite here and it was attacked. As we dismount and approach we see signs of fighting and something undead looking comes around from one of the tents.


  • 9 x Undead – Sunbaked Zombie (CR ) – DR/Slashing (CR 2)

This was a camp was from a young scholar.

During third watch, party members on watch hear buzzing, droning noises getting louder. Cassandra believes it’s the droning noise a queen ant makes whens drawing mates. We send our tenders away with the camels and barricade ourselves in the entrance to the pyramid.


  • 4 x Giant Ant Drones (CR3)
  • 1 x Giant Ant Queen (CR5)
  • 1 x Rock Trap (CR3)

Day 75

We head into the pyramid. In the daylight, the corridor is lit by breaks in the stone. Far down the entrance corridor (10 ft wide), we see a 10 ft wide by 10 ft high pyramid blocking the way. As we cautiously approach, the pyramid charges us.


  • 1 x Pyramid construct (CR 6)

We continue onwards until we come to some doors. They are closed and open outwards.

  • 1 x Pit Trap (CR 4)

Beyond to the west, we find a chamber with a stone sarcophagus and we can see in the next room over a statue of a Pharaoph.


  • 1 x Disguised sarcophagus (Mimic) (CR 7)

We head into the next room. The status is of the Pharaoh. The false door is a secret door. The door has hieroglyphics on it that are effectively a remove curse scroll.

There is a shrine to the north and to the south (in rooms). Ra and Set.

We find at the base of Ra a hidden chamber with a brass scroll case.

Beyond the secret door to the west, we find what we think is the main tomb of the Pharaoh.


  • 1 x Mummified Creature (CR 6) – Architect

Seems this might be false tomb.

Scribed on the back of the secret door are symbols -

  • Human Man
  • Human Woman
  • Ram
  • Jackal
  • Falcon

Harish uses ‘Detect Secret Doors’ to find two secret doors back in the first chamber (one north and south).

We head through the northern secret door. At the end of the passage is a large room with two wooden chariots in them. There are figures in the skeletons.


  • 10 x Skeletons (CR 2)

Beyond is a hallway with doors to the west and then a corridor south with another set of doors. We continue west. Beyond is a long room 60 ft by 30 ft. Carved nature scenes on the walls. Mummified creatures in the room.

After discussion, we decide to come back to this room later – Tomb of the Royal Huntsmen. (4 Mummy-like animals and a Skeleton Champion) – then we decide to have Harish cast Command Undead on the Mummy Hippopatmus and has it destroy the rest of them.


  • Mummified Croc (CR2)
  • Mummified Hippo (CR6)
  • Mummified Ape (CR1/2)
  • Mummified Leopard (CR2)
  • Huntsman (CR2)

We proceed down the southern corridor and into a room with 4 obelisks (magical). Each had an affect that represented different elements (earth, water, fire, air). It’s a summoning chamber. We find a secret panel on the NW one. Cassandra uses mage hand to open it and it triggers summoning a fire elemental.


  • 1 x Fire Elemental (CR5)

We found an elemental fire gem.

Further down the corridor, we find a secret door. The method of opening it is a puzzle based on the sphinx types based on what was on the back of the ‘faux door/secret door’ back near the entrance.


  • 1 x Axe Trap (CR4)

Carvings cover the walls of the otherwise bare chamber. Flanking an ornate large double doors are statues of men with jackal heads.

Cassandra detects they are constructs.

Session 15

Day 39 to Day 67

Party spends down time.

We research the Sky Pharaoh and find that Wati does not have any information about him. We will need to travel to the Great Library in Tephu.

Day 68

Nefara has arranged transport down river (1 day of travel) to Tephu.

Abdul is the bargeman hired by Nefara to open a trade route.

On the way, a nearby barge is attacked by a number of large crocodiles. We intervene.


  • 5 x Large Crocodiles (CR2)
  • 3 x Large Crocodiles (CR1)
  • 1 x CR 3 story award

In the evening, we arrive in the city of Tephu, City of Reeds.

  • Great Library of Tephu – Divided into several parts – Outer library can be visited with small donation – visit public areas first.
  • Inn of the Desert Winds

The Grand Library is run by the City’s Administrator – Deka An-Keret. Governer and High Priestess of Nethes. Use diplomatic means first to gain access.

Beltan pays for the Inn Suite for 3 days (3 gp/day).

Day 69

We head for the Great Library. There is an information desk and beyond is the outer stacks. It’s 1 gp/person a day as a ‘donation’.

  • Outer Stacks – 1 gp/day/person
  • Greater Chamber of Knowledge – Upper Stacks – 50 gp/day/person

Research of the Outer Stacks

Day 69 – 20 kp of damage

  • 10 hp – Outer Sanctum is sanitized. Missing a lot of knowledge. More interesting works have been deliberately removed from this area and the records were removed too.
  • 20 hp – Outer Sanctum has info about more well known dynasties. We will need to visit the upper stacks for the lesser known dynasties. The Upper Stacks required climb checks.
  • We have gained all the knowledge from this library.

Research of the Upper Stacks (50 gp/person/day)

Day 70 – 19 kp

  • Paper Scroll from First Age of Osyria – 12000 years old – Lost Pharaoh Hakotep – Sky Pharaoh – Ride the Skies by Night (Perception – picture – vast temple in the night sky) – Harish notes that the image can further be interpreted of ancient technology of the Shory (Osirian Atlantis)

Day 71 – 4 kp

Harish has “the dream” again – but it’s worse. Jelly fish monster starts to eat Harish. He’s under a curse and woke with Wisdom drain and fatigue. It could be that he was visited by something the night.

The next morning Nefara is able to remove Harish’s curse and restore his wisdom.

  • Index compiled by previous curator – lists scroll about Hakotep that we had found earlier as one among many scrolls copied from the library of the Sky Pharaoh – the copies are stored at the Spiral Archive – shaped in form of scroll with papyrus bridges

That night we make preparations in case we are attacked by cultists or the source of the curse. Something messes with Kephraim in the night. He investigates and finds nothing. He wakes Harish and Nefara and they find nothing. A littler later that night, Kephraim spots a shadowy figure and calls out an alarm and charges attack.


  • 1 x Shadowy Figure cr8 (Animate Dream)
    The shadowy fgure kills Kephraim.
    Char & Beltin engage in mellee, Harish attacks with magic missiles.
    The Animate dream casts confusion, but is killed later that round by a magic missile volley. The party proceeds to fight amongst themseves. (Char, Gordon, Harish, Meeks, Bliss, Casandra all failed save.) Nefara uses 5 fortune points to cast calm emotions.

The animate dream drops a ring, that is identified as a ring of mind shielding.

Session 14

As we buff up and heal, Cassandra works to open the double doors.

The doors open and we behold a tableau. Circular room with a raised platform in the center. There is a human figure floating off the ground and is wearing the mask from Harish’s dream (or so we guess).


There are corpses littering the ground. There are several zombies shambling around.

He’s trying to raise the founder of the necropolis as his undead general then he’ll let out a another Ka pulse. He’ll lead the army against the descending darkness.

Legacy of the Sky Pharaoph will be his..he’ll be the Pharaoh of Endless Night. He’ll rule this world and all worlds.


  • 12 x Zombies
  • 2 x Mummy
  • 1 x Nebta-Khufre

Loot splits

  • Immediate Loot Split (Jewelry, gold, relics) – 2490.09 (including Harish) + 780.17 (including Seth)
  • Loot Split One Week Later – 2200.73 (including Harish) + 1613.5 (Including Seth)
  • These include paying for the Raise Dead for Seth (the 780.17 number)
Session 13

Day 37 continued

After debate, we decide to hole up for the night. Cassandra can craft some anit-toxin and any magic items she’s working.

During second watch, a giant scorpion tried to get in. It gave up after bashing on it for awhile. The party resumes it’s watches.

Day 38 (Panic Level 16)

We plan to head to the Observatory of Truth and Wisdom (P). History checks reveal it is probably the resting place of the founder of the necropolis. Used psychopomps and elementals to construct the building.

On the way, we see a bunch of zombies erecting a makeshift tower.


  • 1 x Zombie Lord
  • 11 x Zombie

Defeating them, this reduces the panic level by 1.

We then continue to the Observatory of Truth and Wisdom (7:10am). Large building, but simple affair with a tower in the center. Decorated with blue tiles of celestial events. We take an hour to search. Woven in we find pharasma prayers into some of the patterns. The starchart from the darklings came from here.

Symbols to Maat and Thoth

Spiral Mosaic built in the floor of the tower is symbol of Pharasma. The spiral conceals a secret door leading downwards. No noticeable lock and it’s magical. Needs a phrase. “All who live must pass through the door of judgement.”

We head down into the depths. We come to a large room with 4 doors leading away. Shallow pool of water. “Sepulchre of the Servant”

Cassandra and Beltan wade into the pool find it’s holy. Silver rods set into the sand. (30 × 50 gp each). We proceed north through a set of doors. It opens into a huge second chamber (50 ft by 180 ft) room. Arched ceiling go up 60 ft. There is an altar in the center of the room. Crest of the Shepsis family set into it with a burn mark.

There are dozens of zombies shackled to the walls in improvised shackles. A dozen zombies are wandering the area.


  • 12 x Zombies
  • 4 x Forgotten Cultists
  • 1 x Bardic Forgotten Cultists

While fighting the Zombies, the Forgotten One Cultists attack us. Refers to Pharaoph Hakoteph?

“Hall of Honored Peace”

We heal up and loot. It takes about 2 minutes. We proceed to the next room. It is an alcove with a set of doors beyond it. There are statues here. The tomb beyond is most likely for Pharasman followers.

Trap – Ceiling trap – (CR5)

Beyond is a corridor that splits left and right. We explore to the right. We find a room with 100’s of mummified creatures. Next we find a room that is a library. The table in that room is valuable – but large. In another room, there are zombie looking

Hall of Immortal Rest


  • 5 x Festrog

Cassandra opens a door across the way and something attacks her.


  • 3 x Armored Skeletons
  • 1 x Head in a Cage

Her son’s name is Nebta-Khufre.

“Catalogue of Days” – Room where the grandmother’s undead head is.

We gather up the grandmother’s journals to take with us. Since Cassandra has two curses, we will search this level then use some of Nefara’s magic to rest us (in 2 hours).

We find a hidden panel in the alter room with a caster’s shield.

Nap Stack cast to give us rest in 2 hours for a whole day.

We head out and down the stairs. As we enter the room, some of the floor tiles lift up and one flies up to attack Kephraim. Saying prayers aloud to Pharasma and presenting a holy symbol defuses the trap.

The door out of the room was arcane locked. Beyond is a corridor ending in another set of double doors.

Beyond that is a room with a 15 ft statue of a dark haired woman (aspect of Pharasma). Behind the curtains are several shrines and three passages that lead off (1 to living quarters and 1 to mummification area and 1 to a passage with stairs going down). We leave those for now and continue through the doors on the other side of the chamber. They are also arcane locked but Cassandra and Kephraim are able to open them.

The area has two pits to either side. A bubbling fountain in the middle with a statue of Anubis. There are doors beyond them. Sef flies into the room and is attacked by the statue that animates.


  • 1 x Giant Graven Guardian
  • 1 x Barbarian Ghast

We beat them and loot them. If we put 50gp worth of silver into the fountain it will make 2 pints of holy war.

Session 12

Day 35 (continued)

Bandu grants the party some items for helping her out to Belten.

  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 2 x Scrolls of Levitate
  • 1 x Scroll of Ray of Exhaustion
  • 1 x Scroll of Silent Image
  • 190 gp

Once we get out of the area, we barter enough gems to get the raise dead for Kephraim. It will take one day (to Day 35) for the raise dead. We send Harish’s body back home by caravan. (2 weeks of travel time)

Sef joins us – Native Osirian.

Day 36

Kephraim is raised the morning of Day 36 and we head back into Necropolis.

We go over the wall and head to the Academy of Skies and Moon.

We approach the entrance and notice some webs in the corridors. We skirt the edges and then are attacked by a large undead spider thing.


  • 1 x Large Undead Spider – Deathweb Spider (CR6)

We defeat it and clear the rest of the building. (8am to 11am)

We heal up and head to the Pyramid of Arithimetic Bliss. We enter the courtyard and approach the doors. We hear some mutterings that fascinate some of the party.


  • 2 x Allip (CR3)

After defeating the Allip’s, we carefully go down the hall, moving the parchments out of the way. Kephraim and Cassandra blaze the trail and the rest of the party collects the parchments.


  • 2 x Mummy (CR5)

After defeating them we search the rest of the facility and hole up for the night. We find a corpse of a Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh. The camp in here was abandoned before the Ka pulse occured.

We found a notebook about the Cultists search:

  • Pyramid of Arithimetic Bliss
  • Sanctum of Erudite Eye crossed out
  • Shiny Bauble
  • Tomb of Minkhet Maatya
  • Marid’s Carress crossed out

We camp for the night. Panic level will go up by one (to 18).

Day 37

We plan to go Shiny Bauble, as we leave the Pyramid of Arithimetic Bliss we are ambushed.


  • 4 x Cultists of the Forgotten Pharaoph

We defeat them and continue towards the Shiny Bauble. We get there without encounter.

It was previously a glass blowers shop. We search the shop (takes about 3 hours – it’s now 9am). We find a Elegiac compass. It is missing two parts. We have one of the parts. We track medium sized dragon footprints – they to a sink hole behind the shop. It’s 50 ft down. We descend in force.

There is a crystalline dragon in a cave at the bottom of the sink hole.

Crystal Dragon – Juvenile – Medium

Cassandra negotiates with the dragon and is successful. We purchase the part we need and some other items.

We repair the Elegiac compass and take a sighting.

We will head for the Tomb of Maatya to find another Elegiac compass.

There, we find a secret entrance and proceed down. We investigate the sarcophagus which is trapped. Cassandra and Kephraim attempt to disable it and succeed.

  • Fireball Trap – CR5
    We recover a magic senket set.

This took 1 hours. It’s about noon now.

We head to the Ghoul Market. As we approach, we encounter a pack of 6 Ghouls trying to get in a door. A fight ensues.


  • 6 x Ghouls (CR1)

Cassandra goes over to the door they were going into and detects a certain…aroma (Mumia? What’s that?) Cassandra negotiates with someone within. They won’t comply. A fight ensues.


  • 3 x Rogue (CRx)
  • 1 x Ghast

During the fight, their boss joins in. He’s a Ghast and the groups (The Fading) is surprised at his appearance.

In a safe, we find the notes on how to make Mumia and 4 x doses. There are also pieces of an Elegiac Compass – they have sold off bits. There was also a journal by the Ghast. It describes his descent into ghast-hood. One of the last entries – after the last Ka pules – many of the mummy’s became zombies so they lost the source of their income. Some of The Fading went to see the Lamias at the Cenotaph of the Cinic as they had hear of no undead coming from there so maybe they are protected and will have ‘raw materials’ for more mumia.


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