Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 28

We start to investigate the area.

There is a room with a hot spring. In the pool is a statue of a Maishtu (tentacled creature). Cassandra believes it is a petrified creature. (Reminder: This is a Sphinx of Areshcagula – evil) Wu looks like there are some gems down in the water. Wu moves into the water and the statue comes to life


1 x Maishtu (CR10)

We defeat it and search the area and then move to the other room.

This room is the quarters of the Croc Head. White and green flagstones in this opulent room. Cassandra spots a small vent above the bed. Not sure what it’s for. We search the room and find nothing of value. We then enter a connected room. There is a glowing pool of water. The room is glowing as if it was under water. The pool is magical. Cassandra believes the pool can be used to cast Clairvoyance/Clairaudience.

We head towards the door into the arm of the sphinx where we heard some noises. We get to the door and Cassandra checks it for traps. She can also hear merc talk by the Scorpion men. She attempts to ‘recruit’ them. Wu tries to open the door.


  • Scorpion Men x 2
  • Cultist Archers x 2
  • Cultist Monk x 2

During the fight, Cassandra manages to recruit to the Scorpion Men.

Further in there are:

  • Hallway with a curse trap
  • Room with a ghost in it
  • Chapel with their Merc Leader and the rest of the Merc band

Cultist Patron – Human or Elven woman with Mask – refers to herself as the Forgotten Pharaoh.

Cassandra makes prayers to Sekhemet while walking down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, two ghostly servants of Sehement appears and nod their approval to Cassandra (she gets a blessing for next 24 hours). She is accompanied by the 2 Scorpion Men. We are expecting her to meet with the Merc Leader. There are three in the room (one is female).

Rubilia – Merc Woman
Cassandra and Rubilia strike a deal for one month’s employment (5k).

The Cultists Patron (woman) is calling herself Hanotep.

At the top of the stairs is a corridor to a big room (in the sphinx head)

We buff up and head down at a fast movement up the stairs and down the long hall. We come to a set of arcane locked doors and Cassandra unlocks them and Seijen Wu opens the doors.

The doors across the room are inlaid with lots of hieroglyphics.

They are effectively a trap. Press them in order to open or try to disable them.

The symbols are the various planets of the Gollarion Solar System. (12 planets).

In the center of the doors, is the symbol of the demon goddess of greed, portals, and riddles.

Eyox – Planet – Greed
Castrovelle – Planet – Portals
Octurn – Planet – Riddles

We get through the door and confront the Patron and all the others villains.


  • 5 x Monk Cultists
  • 1 x Giant Scorpion
  • 1 x Spirit Enfused Cultists Leader Type of Hanotep


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