Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 24

Hex 14 – Copse of Fig Trees – We collect some figs

Hex 15 – We find some ruins and explore them.

There are tracks outside – large skeletal cat. Hellcat. … Three Hellcats?

  • 3 x CR7 Hellcat

After we enter the structure, this construct starts moving out of the fire.

  • 1 x Tophet (Construct)

After we defeat it, we recover some magical capital and some things off a corpse of a burned dwarf it the Tophet’s belly.

Hex 16 – Nothing of interest along the river

Hex 17 – Hunting ground of something nasty – Black Scorpion – Largest known scorpions – Colossal

Hex 18 – Black Scorp hunting ground – We see a Black Scorpion in a fight with a Janni or Efreet.

  • 1 x Colossal Black Scorpion
  • 1 x Div Warlord – Raayani

Hex 19, 20, 21 – We find nothing

Hex 22 – We find ruins of some sort. We hear the murmurs of conversation.

  • Tribe of Maftets – Winged Humanoids – Speaking Sphinx
  • Cassandra presents herself as a merchant and the rest of us as retinue.
  • They had lived at a site called ‘The Sightless Sphinx’ as guardians. Some of their young had gone in (in foolish youth) and come out changed. The shrine of Sekhemet is to the east. They had sent scouts that were turned back by Efreet.
  • Cassandra mentions Tetisurah and that we were working with her to recover something stolen from the Tomb she guarded that was stolen by Cultists of the Forgotten Pharaoph. They direct Cassandra to talk with their leader – Erayu.
  • Erayu talked in a soft, growly voice. They had seen cultists at The Sighless Sphinx. They can direct us there, but only if we prove ourselves. Perhaps by clearing the Shrine of Sekhemet. Red skinned humanoids.
  • Efreets. We pool our knowledge on Efreets.
  • Erayu marks on our map where the Shrine of Sekhemet is.

We camped with them over night and headed out to the Shrine the next morning (Hex 23).

Spend a day and a half to travel towards the shrine.

Hex 23 – Shrine of Sekhemet – Walled Oasis within a valley in a canyon. We are withing 200 ft of the walled oasis with concealment.

There is a guy in red robes walking on top of the smaller (15 ft tall) structure and one guy walking around on top of the 45 ft tall structure.

The walls are masonry stones – 3 ft thick. The gate is 7 ft tall and made of wood. We buff up and hide in the wagons and approach. We get within 100 ft. Combat breaks out.

4 x Efreets
1 x Desert Drake named Khajeff
1 x Woman Efreet

We stopped at the top of round 4.


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