Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 21

We plan to fly up to the worked stone with a tent on the level with the pyramid and land and fight off the exterior guards (Cultists and Desert Giants).

Coming around the corner we see a giant half woman/half snake creature and two cultists.


  • 1 x Lamia Matriarch (CR12)
  • 11 x Cultists
  • 1 x Desert Giant
  • 2 x Lamia

Down below is a sphinx that is frozen. Cassandra jumps off the wasp and checks her out. Sepia Snake sigil – in stasis. She uses some potions to heal the sphinx. She heals her up some before removing her from the stasis. She’s a gynosphinx.

Tetisoraw – her name. She is the guardian of the tomb of Chesirak. We all head to where the cultists have ‘desecrated’ tomb. The ante chamber has been looted. Down a corridor, a boulder trap is triggered.

One room has plunder/cargo (heavy stuff).

Ungents of Timelessness x 3 we left them behind.

Beyond the rubble is a room with an empty sarcophagus and a construct.

Cassandra turns invisible and searches the room and finds a secret door behind the construct and Cassandra investigates beyond. She picks a very difficult lock and opens the door at the end of the corridor. A construct inside activates and becomes a whirling wall of blades.

Seijen Wu hears this and steps into the first room and triggers the first construct.


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