Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 20

After ‘buying’ some slaves from the Gnolls, we start a fight with them.


  • 4 x Gnoll (CR5)
  • 4 x Hyenas

The slaves (12) are fatigued so we will need to take a rest and then Harish will use Phantom Chariots so we can travel to City of Ipeq to release the slaves. it will take slightly over a day to get there. Along the way, we have an encounter.


  • 1 x Scorpion Dryder Thing (CR8)
  • 1 x Large Scorpion

We continue on wards Ipeq and arrive. Seijen Wu gives each of the slaves 5 gp each and sends them on their way.

Take a day to sell and the split is 863.5

We then head back to the area we are searching and search the hex.

Hex 2 – We find and old camp site. 3 people all man sized. Had weapons. They were headed north west.

Hex 3 – Rocky planes scoured clean by sand storms. We hear pipes that constantly repeats themselves. We come to a large sink hole. At the bottom is a Behir.


  • 1 x Behir (CRx)

Hex H – Lair of the Behir
Hex G – Lesser creature. Giant Death Worm
Hex I – Colony of Basilisk’s lair there
Hex L – Large, highest peak – giant bird
Hex O – Sand Kraken

Humans to the north east.
Scorpion Woman – Not sure what she is.

each hex explored = 100 xp each

Hex 4 – Statue of a man with a cloak of flowers. Razen Anusep. Noted traveler and explorer. In the area are the remains of the town. Nothing of value there. Archaeological site.

Hex 5 – Brief, but intense Thunderstorm. We avoid flash flood. (CR3)

Hex 6 – (Mountainous) – A farm in the distances – terraced – it’s larger than normal. Desert Giants.

Hex 7 – (Mountainous) – Nice scenic spot. Prismactic view during sun rise. +1 to our next d20 roll.

Hex 8 – (Mountainous) (Hex L) – Spire with an aerie around a sea going galley. Giant bird circling above. We head towards the spire.


  • 1 x Roc (CR9)

From the Aerie, we can see further north (in the square we had been in) appears to be a vaguely hexagonal mound. We camp the night then finish searching the hex the next day. We level that night.

We head back to Hex 7 (Letter M).

Hex 7 – Hexagonal mound – 6 hexagon’s combined. We are 200 ft away when we hear buzzing.

Combat – Scared them away

  • 5 x Bee Women
  • 2 x Large Bees

Hex 9 – Burial Mask

The Valley

Hex 10 – Valley with steep ridges – tracks of humanoid coming in and out – some of which are large sized

Coming in over the ridge line, we see a pyramid down in the valley. We spot some cultists in the valley. We see a Desert Giant and more cultists. We circle around and enter a back cave.


  • 1 x Armored Snake (CR11)

The cave is adorned in heiroglyphics. It depicts the construction of the pyramid. It shows sphinxes with human heads helping in the construction. There is a spring at the back of the cave.


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