Zach's The Mummy's Mask

Session 26

Shrine of Sekhemet continued Part 2

The party charges the front doors of the Shrine of Sekhemet “Fiendish Sphinx”, Harish picks up Belten using the Bronze Sentinel Char tells the Roc to pick up the Bronze sentinel and flys to the entrance. Landing at the doors Betlton and Cassandra take the lead with Nefara behind them.
Char and Harroo Roc AC waiting with Harish in the Bonze Sentinel waiting behind. As Cassandra open the front doors two monks of Hackotec ambush the party with two Scorpion Men as backup .. the Scorpion Men take round 1 to summon natures allies more large scorpions but are counted by Harris casting Hungry pit right at the entrance causing the large creatures to sit and stew going what do we do now. This fight ends with 1 scorpion men in the pit piled up with 5 large scorpions piled on top thanks to Harish use of Tk spell. One of the scorpion men runs to the other door opens it up .. low crawls through the room .. wtf was that maybe a trap in it .. gets to the other door exits and starts screaming for help.

From behind and above 3 maguc archers dispel Chars and Harroo Roc fickle winds and almost kill Char in two rounds, Harrish counters the archers with two fireballs killing one of the archers.. at this point the fight inside is almost over and I decide that its time to going inside to not get hit with archer fire. The rest of the party slowly follows I, but wait out front 3 screaming Barbarian Hackotec followers run across the dunes, like its firm ground trying to catch the party before we go in only to run into the back of the Golem. One is effected with unnatural lust and tries to make out with another. Harrish inside the golem laughs at the barbarian plinking on the outside. Once all the party is inside the barbarians fall prey to the hungry pit. through magic and roc grabbing and dropping. We close the doors on the archers as they two left decide to cast invisibility.

Belton spends time using pitons to make sure that double door stays closed.

Mean while the party heals up and Cassandra starts looking at the door and Harris starts iding items.
Loot ..
3 +1 long spears (m), 3 mw Warhammers, 9 mw Javelins, 15 gold
2 mw. light crossbows (M), 2 amulet mighty fists one taken for bliss, 2 belts of str +2, 80gp
1 mw spear

after stuff is ided we look at the next room .. Cassandra being invisible goes in to figure out the trap. There is two eys one on each wall about 3ft up and the room looks like motif for Shrine of Sekhemet, Cassandra makes religion roll and figures out you are supposed to crawl on the floor below the eyes if you don’t it will trigger a trap that summons something. As she moves into the room to disarm the eyes we find out the room has walls only 10ft up and an outer room with stairs up to the edge of the wall and two Scorpion Men detect Cassandra using tremor sense. They start combat, from outside the room the party starts using ranged spells / attacks while Cassandra makes it out of the room back to the party. The far door opens and a voice yells do it now, a Heckotec Monk jumps down into the room triggering the trap and then runs out the far door that is closed after him. .. Three Fiendish Sphinx are summoned and attack at random, 1 runs out the door at the party and starts to mall Char a second one gets stuck in the door, the last decides to go after a Scorpion man. Harris again does his magic and one Sphinx is grabbed and held in place unable to fight, the other Sphinx fighting the party is dispatched quickly. The grabbed and pinned Sphinx is moved into the room to allow the Roc and Belton to take up the door spaces and block mobs form moving in. At this point Char is down to 9 hp and decides to get off the mount and try to get some healing done. Two monks join the fight taking the places at the door. Harrish decides its time to play dirty and summons another hungry pit with the area being right past the door, then goes back to tk pushing mobs into it. Char using hunter affinity with his Roc tells it to grab the scorpion men and drop them into the pit. The last scorpion man decides to run yelling for the boss.

Stage Three starts..
A Medium size creature enters the room yelling who is disturbing my meditation. Causing all to make will saves and then fort saves with its gaze. Description is man like creature with crocodile head and stone covered hands.


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